Monthly Archives: September 2002


A letter to Jim Romenesko’s “Media News” from one Michael McFadden deserves republication — and commendation:

“Those evil “coastal elites” in the “media establishment” are at it again. Since Christopher Hitchens turned from traditional left concerns and fixed his gaze on the urgent matter of Clinton’s penis, there’s been no end to the punishment: gigs on MSNBC, CNN, radio chat-shows and speaking engagments courtesy of Richard Scaife. Since setting his sights on public enemy number 2 — Noam Chomsky– things have only gotten worse. Goading him on with fulsome comparisons to George Orwell, they’ve been working him to death: along with his gigs at the Nation and Vanity Fair, there’s been more television, frequent pieces in the Murdoch press and and soon, a regular stint at the Atlantic Monthly.”

The decline and fall of Christopher Hitchens, a once interesting writer who Gore Vidal even as late as a year ago found praise-worthy, has been one of the most interesting (if stomach-churning) fin-de-siecle sideshows. Long considered “daring” for taking on a sitting duck named Mother Theresa, his most recent book, “The Trial of Henry Kissinger,” has proven to be little more than a few pages of distempered whining, of no use to political scholars familiar with the far more detailed and concerted attacks that Noam Chomsky has been making on that most pampered of war criminals for the past three decades. But Chomsky, as the yapping media poodles ceaselessly remind us is beyond the pale. He’s far too dangerous and irresponsible a voice to be given a large platform from which to speak to the public.

Unlike Ann Coulter.

Or Hitch for that matter — whose message machine must by now be overflowing with verbal love missives from that most omnipresent of Scaifettes.

As always one awaits Mandy Meryck’s memoirs to find out precisely what happend between her, Hitch and Bill Clinton back in their college days.

You can rest assured it wasn’t anything like “Design For Living.”