Servant Trouble

“The screeching, dogmatic leftoids who long dominated American gay public discourse are not merely in retreat, they have become mostly irrelevant,” declares “Planet Out” gossip columnist Rex Wockner. “Witness the obsolescence of the inflexibly leftist National Gay & Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF), once the dominant force in American gay activism.”

Really? When was that? The NLGTF, like the HRC has always hugged tenaciously to the middle-of-the-road, leaning ever-so-slightly to the right. The left has always been anathema to them.

He goes on —

“I was moved to reflect on this by a comment Ann Donahue made in the Oct. 1 Advocate. Ann is the writer and executive producer of the hit TV series CSI. “It’s interesting to me how people think that if you’re gay, you’re left-wing, and it’s like, ‘No, each one of us is different,’” she said. “I’m still against abortion. … Do you think I’m not for the death penalty?””

Oh Rex, that’s so Butch! Unlike those leftist wusses currently getting their brains bashed in by Dubbya’s thugs.

That’s all of Wockner’s column that a certain British reactionary HIV+ barebacking pundit who shall remain nameless quotes (most approvingly) on his Blog. Had Bloggy gone on he would have noted that Wockner calls George W. Bush “an idiot.” Oh my stars! Can’t have that, can we? Too bad the likes of Wockner don’t realize they’re supposed to be the “servants” of their “betters” — just like those military men the Blog Queen claims are working for his “Power-gluted,” testosterone-enhanced self.

Pluck your Magic Twanger, Bloggy!