Daily Archives: October 1, 2002


It’s the last two graphs of this CNN news brief about the devastation yet to come from the world-wide AIDS epidemic that stick in my craw. :

“Prevention is the number one strategy,” [Dr. Desmond] Johns [of UNAIDS] said. “but it has to be followed by a full range of treatment options and also add care for orphans.”

Quite a lot to ask of those of us in the U.S.; a land where AIDS is almost completely off the radar screen, despite new reports about the re-infection phenomenon (reflexively dismissed to by The Creature From the Blog Lagoon as “a slim reed of science”), and the appearance of new HIV strains resistant to the drugs currently available.
To hear from most of today’s mod a-go-go gays, nobody even talks about condoms anymore: “Who wants to use them? Besides, AIDS is an Old Gay Man’s Disease, isn’t it? And there’s some cocktail you can take to cure it”

No, I’m not exaggerating.

CNN continues–

“The report focussed on the five countries [Russia, India, China, Ethiopia and Nigeria — where HIV infection rates are soaring], but because they’re strategically significant in their region and to the United States. For example, Nigeria is an important source of oil and would be in a position to sell it to the United States if a war with Iraq were to choke supplies from the Middle East.”

Yes we certainly want to make sure those gas tanks are filled.

Don’t want have to walk to all those funerals.