Daily Archives: October 3, 2002

The demise of “New Times: Los Angeles” lamented by some, but doubtless enjoyed by Cardinal Roger Mahoney, will set worthwhile writers like Meredith Brody and Andy Klein adrift — much like Kate Winslett in the last reel of Titanic. But this time there’s no Leonardo, graciously sinking beneath the waves, or Celine Dion, mournfully mooing above them. As for me, I’ve been floating on old pianos all my life.

Other “New Times-ers” need not worry. The massive reactionary takeover of the media continues apace, occasionally offering sideshows — like future Jill Stewart employer, and former Los Angeles mayor Richard Riordan, currently spewing mots justes about his much-trumpeted future publishing endeavors. And speaking of the proudly anti-intellectual Republican “centerist,” I think it’s time the Pasadena Playhouse staged a revival of “Ghosts,” don’t you? It would give him something to attack on page one of his “Dick.”

Never forget the last line of “Citizen Kane” (spoken by the great George Colouris): “I think it would be fun to run a newspaper.”