Daily Archives: October 7, 2002

I was half expecting that this weekend’s knife attack on Bertrand Delanoe might escape comment by The Creature From the Blog Lagoon seen here nanoseconds prior to sero-conversion. After all, being a Socialist, Delanoe would scarcely matter to The Creature’s world-view. But then I wasn’t taking into account the fact that reactionary pundits need the Left the way Nicole Bush needs crack:

ANOTHER ATTACK: The mayor of Paris was the target of a murder attempt over the weekend. His assailant was a disgruntled young man, who was also a Muslim who objected to homosexuality. After the assassination of Pim Fortuyn, it seems that Europe’s gay leaders are becoming highly vulnerable to public violence. Fortuyn, of course, was murdered by a far leftist; mayor Delanoe was targeted by an anti-gay Muslim.

How an insane Animal Rights gets transformed into a “far leftist” is something I’m sure the Creature can explain when he gets around to it. But he’s far too busy Islam-baiting at the moment:

“But I wonder if these events will in any way cause the gay rights movement in Europe and here to re-think its proximity to the left and to multi-culturalism. It’s still almost taboo for gay people to publicly criticize Islamic hostility to homosexuals; in fact, it’s far more common to hear critics of Islamism being decried as racists among gay activists than to hear Islamic bigots being criticized for homophobia. Perhaps that will now begin to change, as it should. Can you imagine the fuss if an evangelical or fundamentalist Christian had tried to kill an openly gay politician?

Well Dan White was extremely devout, you know. There was quite a fuss about him as I recall.

And according to this “Daily News” brief Delanoe is also a Muslim.

“So why the double standard for the other religious right – among Muslims? ” the Creature disingenuously muses.

As “Eschaton” points out, the Creature might well ask his good pals at Free Republic. about “double standards.” Why on earth do they put up with his “Power-Gluted” ass? Especially when he so enthusiastically embraces a pedophilia-proponent like Fortuyn.

But then he’s a Catholic.

And speaking of The Church pressing questions need be posed in light of this weekend’s other Big Event — the Fast Track canonization of Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer. While Mother Theresa must wait for the examination of a second “miracle” before ascending to that Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the Sky, the founder of Opus Dei — the Church Within the Church — has been rushed to the head of the Sainthood line.

Those unfamiliar with Opus Dei and they are legion, are advised to read this link.
Then pour yourself a good stiff drink. For two of Opus Dei’s most distinguished members are Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas.

Back in the day objections were raised that, being a Catholic, John Fitzgerald Kennedy would owe his allegiance to Rome rather than the good ol’ U. S. of A. should he become Preisdent. But as everyone with an ounce of sense knew, a “Cafeteria Catholic” (and skirt-chaser) like Kennedy had no “spiritual” agenda whatsoever. The same can’t be said of Scalia and Thomas. They are dangerous agents of a foreign power and, following a properly detailed investigation of their subterfuge, should be expelled from this country ASAP.

As for the Church Opus Dei has subsumed, it totters hypocritically on — defending its sex criminals while attacking those among “the faithful” who would object. Firbank described it best in his masterpiece, Concerning the Eccentricities of Cardinal Pirelli

‘And always be obedient, dear child,’ the Cardinal was saying; ‘it is one of the five things in Life that matter most.’
‘Which are the others, sir?’
‘What others, boy?’
‘Why, the other four!’
‘Never mind now. Come here.’