Al Gore is Worse Than Saddam Hussein

It’s true! Ask anyone. Go ahead — ask them.

Al Gore is a bore.

Al Gore is a liar.

Al Gore claims to have invented the internet and discovered Love Canal.

Al Gore murders puppies at midnight in his backyard, grinds up their remains and puts them in cookies he distributes to school children in exchange for their immortal souls.

I can say anything about Al Gore that I like — and so can you. No one will object. In fact many in the “mainstream” media will encourage you. Just ask them.

“The introduction of cable-television news and Internet news made news a commodity, available from an unlimited number of sellers at a steadily decreasing cost, so the established news organizations became the high-cost producers of a low-cost commodity. . .They’re selling a hybrid product now that’s news plus news-helper; whether it’s entertainment or attitude or news that’s marbled with opinion, it’s different. Now, especially in the cable-TV market, it has become good economics once again to go back to a party-oriented approach to attract a hard-core following that appreciates the predictability of a right-wing point of view, but then to make aggressive and constant efforts to deny that’s what they’re doing in order to avoid offending the broader audience that mass advertisers want. Thus the Fox slogan ‘We Report, You Decide,’ or whatever the current version of their ritual denial is.”

So says Al Gore to a writer for the “New York Observer” — home of Ron Rosenbaum.

They’re perfectly reasonable observations. But they’re not to be countenanced by a “Mainstream” that has already made up its mind as to who Al Gore is and what you’re supposed to think about him.

Al Gore is a loser.

He lost the Presidental election.

Well yes, he won the popular vote, but that doesn’t count. What counts is the support of a political system that demands fealty to one party. And it’s not the late, unlamented (by them at least ) Democratic party. Democrats who wish to face what the “mainstream” calls “reality” dare not go any further than what’s left of the left of the Republican party — what used to be called “Rockefeller Republicans”

Too bad Al Gore isn’t a “Rockefeller Republican.”

Not that The Party would tolerate “Rockefeller Republicans” any longer. After all, this is the party of Ronald Reagan. And that’s why noted war criminal Henry Kissinger has been asked to investigate the events of September 11th 2001 (It wouldn’t be possible for him to investigate another September 11th in Chile.) And that’s why convicted Iran/Contra conspirator John Poindexter has been put in charge of keeping an eye on the likes of you and me

and Al Gore.

Al Gore and his wife Tipper are on tour, promoting their new book about American families, “Joined at the Heart.” All sorts of Americans with all sorts of families (even gay families) are represented in this book. But because Al and Tipper can’t count on right-wing funded political operatives to make “bulk buys” at the way they did for Ann Coulter, their book is considered a “poor seller.” No need to buy it or read it. Howie Kurtz will be sure to tell you how boring it is.

Or maybe how “unrealistic” it is in light of the terrorist threat.

Poll numbers will be handed out to show the low esteem in which Al Gore is held compared to George W. Bush. And everyone will believe them.

Or should.

Of course when questions are posed as to approval of Bush’s stated goals vs. Gore’s the results are rather different.

But no one should pay any attention to that. We’re in a “War Against Terrorism.” That changes everything. So much so, in fact, that the next voice you hear will doubtless be that of Christopher Hitchens speaking of the President’s wisdom in appointing Kissinger and Poindexter. They’re TRUE Americans, you know.

Unlike that loser Al Gore.

Al Gore is The Enemy because Al Gore is a Liberal.

If there is one thing that Modern American History teaches us it’s that Liberals are the Real Enemy. Not Communists.

Communists can be turned. Liberals do not turn They stand still, operate out of moral principle and hold to those principles. That’s what makes them boring.

And that’s what makes Al Gore worse than Saddam Hussein.

It’s true!

I read it on the internet.

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