Monthly Archives: July 2003

Yes friends, I’m afraid we’re going to have to talk about Gay Marriage again ! I thought I’d pretty well said my peace about the subject only a few weeks ago. But the head of the World’s Largest Pedophile Cult has issued his latest threat to same-sex loving citizens the world over, and closer to home the Unelected Fraud has been bleating, the better to please his Fundie Faithful. This in turn has inspired the “Newspaper of Record” to editorialize in a style that might best be described Abe Rosenthal Lite.

“Given his treasured reputation for compassion and the strong feelings of his conservative base, President Bush took what may have been the safest route when he was asked about homosexuality at yesterday’s press conference. Mr. Bush spoke about the need to be ‘a welcoming country,’ then denounced gay marriages. “

And there’s nothing that makes a taxpaying citizen more “welcome” than to be called an alien in his/her own country.

” He added that he had ‘lawyers looking at the best way’ to bar same-sex unions. Instead of covering all the bases, we wish the president would show himself willing to spend more of his political capital on inclusiveness.”

“Inclusiveness” being as meaningful a term as “Iranian Moderates” was in the Reagan era.

” The president’s statement, which he began by noting that he was ‘mindful that we’re all sinners,’ was hardly a stirring speech for gay rights. .”

No Shit, Sherlock.

“But Mr. Bush belongs to a party in which many national leaders recently celebrated remarks by conservatives like Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania, who compared homosexuality to incest. Mr. Bush’s careful attempt to brush back more of that kind of bigotry was welcome.”

Apparently the Times feels Dubbya’s failure to invoke beastiality constitutes “care.”

We’re shit and he said so. The Times’ insistence that something other transpired is at best delusional. I shall leave you to guess the worst.

” He could have been just a tiny bit braver, and let matters go at that.”

Actually he could have been a tiny bit braver and called for gays and lesbians to get the death penalty. It would have made a lot more sense in context.

“There is a slow-growing recognition, here and abroad, that gays have the same right to express their commitments as heterosexuals. Canada opened the door to gay marriage earlier this year. In the United States, Vermont allows gay unions to be recognized in a ceremony that falls short of an official marriage.”

And there is a fast-growing recognition, by the Heterosexual Dictatorship, that its power has been not just challenged, but seriously eroded. Therefore a line in the sand must be drawn: “Yes you can have hit TV shows, but WE still reserve the ability to say just how far you can go with winning our acceptance

” If Congress stays out of the issue, it is only a matter of time before gay marriages become completely legal in some parts of the country. As someone who is always urging that power devolve down to the states, Mr. Bush ought to be happy to keep out of the way.”

But of course he — and those who pull the strings on this grotesque puppet — won’t do anything of the sort. As anyone who seriously follows American politics knows, the “States Rights” Three-Card Monte game is a tired old con. Moreover, NOTHING is this culture is about “rights” It’s all about power — how it’s asserted, and how it’s challenged.

Meanwhile The Creature From the Blog Lagoon has little to flex his glutes about these days (save the delightful weather in P-Town) In defiance of sense, logic and Groucho Marx he persists in fealty to Two (Count ‘em) clubs that won’t have him for a member.

He is quite right, however, to declare that the push for Gay Marriage is Conservative in nature. While in practical terms it’s a simple contract, in cultural ones it marks a line of demarcation between those who “are” and those who “aren’t.”

Consequently it has nothing to do with gay and lesbian life as it’s been actually lived (and in some realms quite accurately described.), about which the Creature is deeply fearful — even as he slips on his latest leather harness. As you might expect I’ll have much to say in future blog entries about actual gay life as opposed to the paltry fantasies of the “mainstream” media’s much-treasured condom-free health menace.

The title of today’s blog is my favorite line in the entire history of the cinema. It’s from Sunday Bloody Sunday , a film written by Penelope Gilliat and directed by John Schlesinger — a great gay artist whose recent passing I deeply mourn.