Daily Archives: January 14, 2004

The Mini-Quiche-Eaters

Sometimes additional comment scarcely seems necessary.

Consider for example this excerpt from a typically noxious New York Observer piece: “Lefties Don’t Know Loneliness”

There was a budding political force in the room: Michael Benjamin, a 34-year-old securities trader who’s trying to make a run against New York’s senior Senator, Democrat Chuck Schumer, this November, mingled with his would-be constituents over mini-quiches. Nearby, a Brooklyn Law School student with wispy brown hair, fashionably dressed in knee-high boots and chunky glasses, described the loneliness of being one of only five Federalists on a liberal campus. And at the bar, a Log Cabin Republican bonded with a straight Irish-Catholic over the “hypocrisy” of those who claim to be liberal.
“I was talking to this guy in a neighborhood bar last night, and it turns out he’s a gay Republican,” said the Irish-Catholic, who had blond, buzzed hair, a ready smile and a Claddagh ring on his right hand. “And so the guy tells me that he feels so lonely as a Republican, because other gay people call him a traitor to his own kind. It was so depressing.”
“I have gotten more shit in my life from the gay community for being Republican than from the Republicans for being gay,” said the Log Cabin member, 45, who also preferred not to use his name. “At a leather bar on the West Side, I can find six Republicans in the room. Easy!”

See what I mean?