Daily Archives: May 3, 2004

Dead Can’t Dance

According to The Creature From the Blog Lagoon, this Ted Rall cartoon was pulled from the MSNBC site and substituted with another Rall cartoon not dealing with the Newly Beatified “Mainstream” Media Saint, Pat Tillman.

According to Sully —

“Tillman was a true patriot, a quiet hero, an American to his core: of course Ralls had to smear him. Tillman represents all that the far left hates about America, and fears might be true.”

What “might be true”? That people in wars risk getting killed?

Isn’t Sully risking an accusation of “left-wing bias” for mentioning the dead in the first place ?

And what should anyone have to fear from a corpse? Is Tillman coming back from the grave like Sully’s favorite zombie Jesus Christ?

I don’t think so.

But then I’ve never been big on zombies outside of the ones in Val Lewton movies.

And the “America” Sully supports is exceptionally worthy of hatred

Zombie Football anyone?