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Letter From an Unknown Woman

Dear Patrick Killen:

Can I count on you to stand with me in defense of
traditional marriage?

I am under fierce attack from the homosexual lobby
and their “same-sex marriage” allies in the press,
and I need your prayers — and your help:


Let me explain what is happening.

If you have been following the news lately, you may
have seen that militant homosexuals, certain pro-
homosexual media outlets and commentators, and even
a few weak-kneed Republicans (who should know better)
have been attacking me relentlessly because of some
remarks I made — and some I “reportedly” made —
during a radio interview about “homosexual marriage.”

Before I go any further, let me show you the quote
that has them so enraged: “The essence of … family
life remains procreation. If we embrace homosexuality
as a proper basis for marriage, we are saying that it’s
possible to have a marriage state that in principle
excludes procreation and is based simply on the premise
of selfish hedonism.”

This is what I believe. This is what you believe. And
this is what I have said for years. Our Creator designed
the Institution of Marriage to be between a man and a
woman. Nothing any human court, any legislature, or
any special interest group can say or do will ever
change that natural reality.

I make no apologies for my position — which, not
coincidentally, is the position of the Republican Party
Platform drafted by Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist
and approved by President Bush — and I will not
surrender one inch of ground to those who are attacking
this sacred institution. You would expect nothing less
of me.

Now, here is where the recent trouble begins.

The “gay activist” interviewer followed up my answer
with a question as to whether my understanding of
homosexuality would apply to Vice-President Cheney’s
daughter. I said, mindful of her advocacy of “homosexual
marriage,” that of course, *by definition*, it would

So I did not evade the question. I answered yes, as you
would expect me to.

Well, the pro-homosexual press — and some in the
political establishment — went apoplectic. And then they
went on a vindictive, deceitful attack. Let me show you
some examples.

Associated Press: “Illinois Republican Senate candidate
Alan Keyes labeled homosexuality ‘selfish hedonism’ and
said Vice President Dick Cheney’s lesbian daughter is
a sinner.”

Los Angeles Times: “On Tuesday, Alan Keyes, the
Republican Senate candidate in Illinois, denounced gays
as ‘selfish hedonists.’ Asked whether that applied to
Mary Cheney, Keyes replied, ‘That goes by definition.
Of course she is.’”

Washington Post: “Further tension erupted yesterday
when Illinois Senate candidate Alan Keyes called Mary
Cheney a ‘selfish hedonist.’”

Look at what I said, and then look at what they say I
said. They are lying!

The essence of each of these “news reports” is false.
They have twisted my words… or even made them up… in
order to inflame those who are our political and policy
enemies, and to intimidate our allies.

This is not objective reporting. This is shameless,
deceitful propaganda, with a clear political objective.

I must confess, after having been in public life for over
two decades, none of this surprises me. But it does still
amaze me when dishonest members of the press corps
deliberately misquote me; it still grieves me that men
and women who should be our allies run for cover at the
first sound of hostile fire; and it distresses me that
a radical minority like the militant homosexual movement
can hold such political power over how the news is
reported, and how crucial public policy in America is

Friend, I will not surrender to this assault. I will not
be cowed, and evade direct questions that require answers
of logic and conviction. And neither should you.


And please make no mistake… this is an assault on all
of us who hold to deep beliefs, moral absolutes, tenents
of faith, and the rigors of sound reasoning.

Let me tell you plainly what the goal is of the homosexual
lobby and its advocates in the press while they attack
me… and what is at stake in the bigger picture.

First, the left-wingers are hoping to isolate me; they
have been acting for years to make homosexual behavior
“mainstream” and to viciously denounce and falsely
caricature all who stand in their way. They are now
trying to get rank-and-file Republicans and members of
the GOP establishment to walk away from my candidacy and
abandon me, because I am a man of conviction, and
because I have the courage to say what I believe.

They do not want me in the Senate! The very thought of
me debating and working on the Senate floor for the
issues you and I hold dear, horrifies them!

They know I can’t be bullied or bought, so they are
trying to destroy me with distortions and deceit before
I reach the Senate. And rest assured, with your help, I
can win this race!

Second, the pro-homosexual Democrats in the media are
doing everything in their power to elect my opponent,
Barack Obama. As you probably know, this man is to the
left of Bill Clinton and John Kerry! He represents the
epitome of what is wrong with the direction of our nation

But finally, what is perhaps the most troubling aspect
of this attack on me is how it could affect the whole
debate about “homosexual marriage.”

This media-generated artificial firestorm is a part of
the homosexual movement’s desire to silence ALL dissent
against them, their behavior, and their political

If the press is successful in smearing me with lies,
fabrications and misquotes, how many other politicians
do you think will dare to speak out against the radical
homosexual agenda — and in defense of traditional

If a candidate or a member of Congress says these simple
words, “If we embrace homosexuality as a proper basis
for marriage, we are saying that it’s possible to have
a marriage state that in principle excludes procreation
and is based simply on the premise of selfish hedonism…”
and those words cause him to come under relentless attack
and ridicule, how many men and women in Congress do you
think have the courage to risk such abuse? We cannot let
this happen!

We already know that many politicians are running scared
from this issue, even though they know in their hearts
that the “homosexual revolution” is rushing forward in
America, and is destructive to the fiber and health of
our families and our nation.

The pro-homosexual movement wants to make an example
of me, so that political resistance to their agenda of
“homosexual marriage” collapses, and the complete
“normalization” of homosexuality triumphs! We must
stand tall against these attacks!

They want a country where anyone who is seeking office
is afraid to say the TRUTH about the homosexual
lifestyle and agenda.

At that point, the militant homosexuals will be able
to achieve their goals, because of the fear that grips
the hearts of those who should oppose them. Friend, we
MUST NOT let this happen.

Can I count on you to help withstand this assault?


I promise you that I will not back down from this fight,
nor will I give one inch of ground on this sacred
battlefield of covenant marriage. I will not be badgered
or “punished” into silence or compromise on the
sacredness of Marriage as God created it.

I refuse to let America end up like Canada, where it
is a crime to speak publicly — even from the pulpit —
against homosexual behavior without being held criminally
liable for “hate speech.” I refuse to let America become
like ancient Greece or ancient Rome, which rotted from
within while sexual confusion and debauchery ate away
at their national life.

I must make one other point: we should all “love our
neighbor,” and that obviously includes men and women
who are struggling with homosexuality. All of us are
made in the image of God, and in fact we are *commanded*
to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. Each of us
is entitled to respect and dignity while we are on our
life’s journey.

We can and should love those who are in the homosexual
lifestyle. But that does NOT mean that we must elevate
that self-destructive lifestyle to the level of marriage.
Such an argument is absurd.

Showing love and respect and unashamed witness to
individual homosexuals does not mean we have to embrace
or passively countenance the political agenda of the
homosexual movement, including their strong push now for
“same-sex marriage.” I showed utmost respect for the
“gay” interviewer and the seriousness of his questions,
even though he clearly believed he was “trapping” me
with his “gotcha” journalism — and I believe that my
unflinching response provided an essential witness for
truth, and for public integrity.

In reality, the “homosexual marriage” movement is all
about distorting and evading the truth. It does not show
love for the homosexual, for it is based on a betrayal
of how God made humanity and the world. Nor would it
be loving to our children and our grandchildren to let
this movement put our entire nation in moral and ethical

Friend, here is the bottom line: I am in a position
where I could be the next Senator from the land of
Abraham Lincoln.

This time next year, you could see me on C-Span, debating
for a Constitutional Amendment that reaffirms marriage is
between one man and one woman!

This is the worst nightmare of the liberal ideologues
who are trying to defeat me; the worst nightmare of those
who are trying to create “homosexual marriage.”

That is why I am under attack.

And now I am asking you to do what everyone who supports
true marriage, everyone who professes religious conviction,
should be doing: stand with me.

Our campaign’s fundraising, which was just kicking into
high gear, has suffered a blow, because some establishment
Republican figures have become fearful of the liberal
media’s attacks on me. Some of our GOP leaders are now
distancing themselves from my candidacy.

Don’t back down. Don’t waver in your stand for the truth.
Don’t be silenced by the badgering of a few left-wing
media outlets. Above all: be not afraid! We will prevail
in our struggle — but only if good, God-fearing people
like you continue to support our campaign with your prayers
and, yes, your dollars.

I need you to stand with me in my Senate race. My campaign
needs every penny it can raise, so that I can continue to
reach the voters in Illinois with the TRUTH about what I
stand for, and also so that I can show the voters what my
radical, pro-infanticide, pro-homosexual rights opponent
really stands for.

I have just less than two months left in this race. It
is a race I can win…with the necessary resources from
supporters like you.

Can I count on you to help my campaign with as generous
a gift as you can?


And, can you please forward this email to every friend
you have?

Send a message to the media that you will not stand by
while they dishonestly push their left-wing agenda.

Send a message to weak-kneed Republicans that you want
courageous, clear leadership, not fearful halting steps
and half-measures — while they look at the latest public
opinion poll.

Send a message to the militant homosexual lobby that you
will not be silenced, and that you will not allow them
to browbeat us into submission to their destructive

I and my family beg you for your prayers, and I ask that
you give whatever you can to help my campaign. I thank
you with all my heart in advance. I’ll update you soon.

Keeping Faith in the battle,

Alan Keyes

PS: Remember, the real agenda of the press and the
homosexual militants in their attack on me is to silence
all dissent to their agenda.

We cannot let this happen!

Please give as large a gift as you can to my campaign,
and send a message to the watching world that you want
a clear stand on this critical issue. This is our chance
to turn some hostile press attacking the truth into a
big victory!


(Under FEC law, the maximum legal contribution per election is $2,000 per person. Individuals may give $2,000 each to the primary and general elections. Couples may give up to $4,000 from common funds for the primary and general elections, but both signatures must be on the account. Contributions to Keyes 2004 are not considered deductible for federal income tax purposes. No corporate funds are accepted.)