Daily Archives: March 13, 2005

The New York Times has outdone itself today. First an interview with noted choreographer Matthew Bourne

Mr. Bourne hoped to avoid the unpleasantness that arises when commercial considerations become too dominant, as happened, he said, when “Swan Lake” came to New York. “I felt I was pushed into denying its gay content to the media,” he said, with evident embarrassment.

then a delightful Weddings and Celebrations announcement

“Kyle and I met in 2000 in an elevator on the way up to a birthday party at a loft space in Union Square,” Mr. Kirtzman recalled. “One of the first things I asked him is whether he was a dancer. He had incredible posture and a disciplined aura.”
Mr. Froman recoiled. “I just thought to myself, what an awful pickup line,” he said. “I was about to ignore him, but he kept on talking to me.” Mr. Froman acknowledged that he was a dancer. “Then he told me he was on television.”

and finally a piece about The Cock , which The Tin Man notes the NYT dares not call by its actual name:

“AIDS is now a chronic disease,” said Vince from Hoboken, who would not disclose his H.I.V. status. “You pop a pill. That’s how the disease is being marketed.”

And as we all know, marketing is everything.