Daily Archives: July 6, 2005

Everybody on stage for the 11 O’Clock number!

Here she is, boys!
Here she is, world!
Here’s Judy!
Curtain up!
Light the lights!
Play it, boys!
Ya either got it, or ya ain’t. And, boys, I got it!

Ya like it?

Well, I got it!

Some people got it and make it pay.
Some people can’t even give it away.
This people’s got it and this people’s spreadin’ it around!

You either have it
or you’ve had it!

Hello, everybody! My name is Judy! What’s yours?
How do you like them eggrolls, Mr. Fitzgerald?

Hold your hats and hallelujah. Judy’s gonna show it to you.

Ready or not, shhh, here comes Judy.

Judy’s talkin’ loud.
Judy’s doin’ fine.
Judy’s gettin’ hot.
Judy’s goin’ strong.
Judy’s movin’ on.
Judy’s all alone.
Judy doesn’t care.
Judy’s lettin’ loose.
Judy’s got the stuff.
Judy’s lettin’ go.


Judy’s got the stuff.
Judy’s gotta move.
Judy’s gotta go.

(Judy? Judy?)

Judy’s gotta let go.

Why did I do it?

What did it get me?

Press clips full of me in the background.

Give ‘em love and what does it get ya?

What does it get ya?
One quick look as each of ‘em leaves you.

All your life and what does it get ya?
Thanks a lot and out with the garbage,
They take bows and you’re battin’ zero.

I had a dream.
I dreamed it for you, Punch.
It wasn’t for me, Wolfie.
And if it wasn’t for me
then where would you be,
Ahmed Cha-la-bi?

Well, someone tell me, when is it my turn?
Don’t I get a dream for myself?
Starting now it’s gonna be my turn.
Gangway, world, get off of my runway!
Starting now I bat a thousand!
This time, boys, I’m taking the bows and

Everything’s coming up Judy!
Everything’s coming up Judy!
Everything’s coming up Judy this time for me!
For me!
For me!
For me!
For me!
For me!

For me!