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“Let me just ask the question and then you can respond,” says the ever-annoying Howie Kurtz to the ever-unflappableArianna Huffington ( a media personality who has gone from the punchline to a joke to useful cyber-citizen in record time.)

You said that some people on the right are sliming Cindy Sheehan, your word, and you say that Bill O’Reilly said that this kind of behavior borders on treasonous. But in that particular case what he said was, quote, “Other American families who have lost sons and daughters in Iraq feel that this kind of behavior borders on treasonous.” So do you owe O’Reilly an apology on that point?

HUFFINGTON: No, absolutely not.

Listen, words like treasonous being used by O’Reilly, words like crackpot being used by Fred Barnes, Michelle Malkin trying to tell us what she believes Casey Sheehan would have thought about his mother — you know, all that is completely inappropriate.

But more important than that, let me raise a point which has to do with the scrutinizing of her comments. I mean, if 10 percent of that kind of scrutiny was given to comments made by people who are actually making life and death decisions in this country, like Dick Cheney’s “last throes” statement about the insurgency, like Condoleezza Rice’s statement about the mushroom clouds, like “mission accomplished,” all the ludicrous statements made by…

KURTZ: Hold on, hold on.

Oh “Hold on,” yourself, Howie. What do you need? Flash cards? Arianna was merely stating the obvious — a “Thought Crime” we all know. But the blatant lies of BushCo. don’t have much a shelf life anymore — despite your yeoman efforts to give them one.

“You’re saying that the journalists in this country are giving far more scrutiny to Cindy Sheehan than to the vice president of the United States and the secretary of state, really?”

Yes, really.

HUFFINGTON: When it comes to ludicrous statements like the last throes, the insurgency being in its last throes, the statement that journalists should be scrutinizing every day, because it shows a massive disconnect between the reality in Iraq and the vice president of the United States.

Rice’s statement about the imminent mushroom cloud before we invaded Iraq should be scrutinized every day as an example of how this woman and this administration misled this country to war.

These are incredibly significant statements that should be scrutinized instead of the statements that Cindy Sheehan, who does not claim to be a foreign policy expert, or who does not have any power to send people to war, has made over the last year.

So what’s a Howie to do?

Why set off in search of “balance,” of course.

KURTZ: Debra Saunders, can you imagine a pro-war mother who had lost a son or daughter in Iraq getting this kind of massive media coverage?

SAUNDERS: I can imagine it, but it isn’t happening, is it, Howie?

KURTZ: Why would that be?

SAUNDERS: I guess — basically — I’m not at Crawford, but you need to get the right mother who lost a son out to Crawford confronting these other women. I think that that’s what’s necessary.

Please note the importance of the word “imagine.”

Yes just as in “Disneyland” in Beltwayville (sister city to Alphaville ) wishing will make it so.

They hope.

What’s needed is the right person to play the part. In this case “the right mother.”


KURTZ: Dana Milbank, this reminds me a little bit of Kristen Breitweiser, who is one of the 9/11 widows, and she had a group of them who became active in the campaign, actually ended up supporting John Kerry. And some conservatives said she was exploiting her victim status by getting involving in politics. My question is, have some mainstream journalists deliberately turned Cindy Sheehan into kind of a symbol of the anti-war movement not just because they sympathize with her, because they’re opposed to the war?

So you can see how tricky this all can be. “Speaking out” (as the meat puppets love to say) is one thing. But going so far as to actually vote for John Kerry — well that’s beyond the pale.

No, the perfect victim must be a tablula rasa subsisting somehow in absolute solitude. Connection with any similarly disposed parties is not to be tolerated by our famously “Free Press” under any non-Republican circumstances.

MILBANK: I don’t think that it’s the journalists that are doing that. I think it’s the activist groups that are doing that and the journalists are happy to go along with that.

And it’s pretty obvious why this makes a dirtbag like Milbank so happy.

I mean, what’s very interesting here is you’re not seeing a lot of pro-war Gold Star mothers come out there. Cindy Sheehan remains sort of untouchable.

Or rather an untouchable — as in caste-ruled India.

What’s interesting is this debate is really within the punditocracy, the people who are trying to take her out or praise her. You don’t see the president and his people, for the most part, knocking her down. And you don’t see the Democrats, the elected Democrats, for the most part, building her up.

Doncha just love the “for the most part”?

So she is untouchable in this way. The Republicans desperately need to get a similarly untouchable figure in there. I saw at the rally this week, at a counter-rally they brought in a veteran who lost two legs in Iraq and he was for the war. They need that kind of — you need to fight moral authority with moral authority.

So why didn’t he work out, Dana? Guess he was no Max Cleland, hunh Dana ?

KURTZ: But you also need journalists who are going to give that kind of attention to somebody from the other side.

MILBANK: I think we will see when we see it.

KURTZ: All right.

Well, we will leave it there for the moment

Why this “need”? What”other side”? Why the “other side” thatalways needs to be confected the better to cocktail-up “objectivity — the best weapon going for neutralizing truth.

And as we all should know by now, truth is the real enemy in the “mainstream.”

So in the immortal words of everyone’s favorite sophisticate, take it away Dana!

“Use your imagination
Just take this motto for your theme
And soon ev’ry night
Will be crowded with delight
And ev’ry day will be a dream.
Use your imagination
You’ll see such wonders if you do.
Around you there lies
Pure enchantment in disguise
And enedless joys you never knew.
Behind ev’ry star
There’s a lovelier one by far.
So use your imagination,
Just take this motto for your theme
And soon you will dance
On the road to sweet romance
And ev’ry day will be a dream.”