Daily Archives: September 19, 2005


I really bloody hate moving to new digs. It’s always a hassle getting all your stuff just right.

Anyway, I’ve finally got the WordPress template looking as close to the old MT template as I can. There are still a few little tweaks I will try, to improve the look even more but for the most part it is done.

The thing I was fearing most went even better than I could’ve hoped; importing the entries from the movabletype blog took about 2 minutes and less hassle than you might imagine. Very happy about that. Especially considering I was dreading having to do a manual edit for each and every post. Sure, they could probably do with some tweaking but that might happen at some point in the future–say, when Dubya gives away all his money and becomes a monk in the Rocky mountains.

For anyone who might’ve visited over the last few hours, sorry for any hassles or freak-outs. :)