Daily Archives: October 10, 2005

New Theme

Well, here we are at last: A brand new theme. The Fablog theme uses the default WordPress theme as it’s basic structure but pretty much everything within that structure has been redesigned by yours truly. The benefit of using the default theme as the starting point is, we now have the necessary navigation links between individual posts, the archives, and the main page. Most importantly, the look of the theme is maintained in Opera, Firefox, and–thanks to a cool hack I stumbled upon on the WordPress support forum–IE6 on Windows XP. I have no idea how it renders in previous versions of Windows and/or earlier browsers, or in other OSes or browsers, so if it looks like shit, I apologise in advance.

The Firefox issue with wordwrapping in the comment textarea, should now be kinda resolved. Technically the issue still exists but it is only a problem if extra long strings of letters/digits are used without a break. Since no comments of that nature will be tolerated, I’m calling it a non-issue. :)

Update: Oct 11, 10:35pm (Aust Eastern Standard Time) For those visiting in the last couple of hours who wondered if they were going insane, or if the theme was changing every few minutes, I’m here to tell you that you are, indeed, going insane. Also, the theme was changing constantly as I tried to figure out why the counters weren’t working properly. I’ve since tracked down the problem and all is well with the world again. Well, except for the earthquake in the Indian sub-continent … and Aardman Animation’s warehouse fire … and the fact y’all are goin’ insane! :twisted: