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After nearly a week’s worth of outraged posts, letters and phone calls Pravada Ombudsman Deborah Howell responds

I’ve heard from lots of angry readers about the remark in my column Sunday that lobbyist Jack Abramoff gave money to both parties. A better way to have said it would be that Abramoff “directed” contributions to both parties.

A better way would of course have been nothing of the kind. But Pravda resides in the Bizzaro World of the Beltway, far from what’s commonly referred to as “real life.”

Lobbyists, seeking influence in Congress, often advise clients on campaign contributions. While Abramoff, a Republican, gave personal contributions only to Republicans, he directed his Indian tribal clients to make millions of dollars in campaign contributions to members of Congress from both parties.

Note “directed.” A term that in context means. . . .absolutely nothing.

“Records from the Federal Elections Commission and the Center for Public Integrity show that Abramoff’s Indian clients contributed between 1999 and 2004 to 195 Republicans and 88 Democrats. The Post has copies of lists sent to tribes by Abramoff with specific directions on what members of Congress were to receive specific amounts.
One of those lists can be viewed in this online graphic,
while a graphical summary of giving by Abramoff, his tribal clients and associated lobbyists can be viewed here. The latest developments in the Abramoff investigation are available in this Special Report

Not surprisingly Howell’s latest howler was met with howls of outrage from the Pravda readership that immediately began posting on her makeshift blog.

“I just found out from a prior post that even the graphic that Ms. Howell links to in her ‘clarification’ is misleading. Two of the democrats mentioned in the graphic actually received ZERO dollars, and once received ONLY $500.
And for some reason, the graphic WHITES OUT THE ENTRY THAT MENTIONS TOM DELAY!
This is beyond incompetence. Is she posting a graphic given to her by the RNC? Given that it is obviously designed to muddy the issues, it certainly seems to be the case.”

says one,

“Indian tribe money is not implicitly dirty, any more than any of the directed money from any of Abramoff’s other clients is dirty money. The reasons the tribal money has a central part in this story is that Abramoff ripped off the tribes.
Politicians may see any Abramoff-related money as radioactive and return it. That’s fine. But the tribes were the victims, not the criminals.”

says another,

“Howell: “A better way to have said it would be that Abramoff “directed” contributions to both parties.”

So, in your ‘opinion’ the tribes are agents of Abramoff?? They took marching orders from him???
Really, again I will say it; no wonder the WAPO circulation is going down faster then DARTH CHENEY’s.
You are a transparent agent for the GOP. Sickening.”

notes a third.

Good thing I saved them, for a few minutes ago they were erased from the Pravda website site — just as the anti-Howell posts from several days back were erased, and then briefly restored following reader protests. Will this new complaint file re-emerge? Hard to say. But Deborah Howell’s job ( a somewhat more well-mannered rendition of Western anti-hero “Ethan Edwards” in The Searchers) is clearly secure. Those pesky liberals and their injun allies must be put in their place. And Debbie’s the gal for the job. Fo unlike the Debbie Natalie Wood played in The Searchers ,this one’s her own John Wayne.

But should the rising tide of protest prove too much for Pravda they might suggest that Debbie take a cue from Joan McCracken in Good News and do THIS number:

“A medicine man I met
Said don’t get yourself in a sweat
When things look gray,
Just shrug and say:
It musta been something I Et.

If you’re feeling mad as wet hen,
Mad as you can possibly get then
Pass that peace pipe, bury that tomahawk
Like those Chichameks, Cherokees, Chapultepecs do.

That cold shoulder
Never solved a single complaint
When you’re older
You’ll wipe off all of that war paint.

If you find yourself in a fury,
Be your own judge and your own jury,
Pass that peace pipe, bury that hatchet
Like those Chichameks, Cherokees, Chapultepecs do

If you want to hover out west, too,
You will soon discover it’s best to
Pass that peace pipe, bury that tomahwak
Like those Chichameks, Cherokees, Chapultepecs do

Even in Colonial days, you
Know the ceremonial ways to
Pass that peace pipe, bury that tomahwak
Like those Chichameks, Cherokees, Chapultepecs do

Pull your ears in,
Try to use a little control
When all clears in,
You’l lbe the top man on the totem pole

So if you wanna be an all-right guy,
Not a long face blues-in-the-night guy
Write that apology and dispatch it
When you quarrel it’s grand to patch it
Pass that peace pipe and bury that hatchet
Like those Choctaws, Chickawsaws, Chattahoochees, Chippewas
And those Chichamecks, Cherokees, Chapultepecs,
And those chakootamees, Chepacheps
Ncchicopees, Choktahs, Changos,
Chattanoogas Cheerkarohs DOOOOOOO!”

I’m sure the readers will love it.


“Posted at 04:22 PM ET, 01/19/2006
Comments Turned Off
As of 4:15 p.m. ET today, we have shut off comments on this blog indefinitely.

At its inception, the purpose of this blog was to open a dialogue about this site, the events of the day, the journalism of The Washington Post Company and other related issues. Among the things that we knew would be part of that discussion would be the news and opinion coming from the pages of The Washington Post and washingtonpost.com. We knew a lot of that discussion would be critical in nature. And we were fine with that. Great journalism companies need feedback from readers to stay sharp.

But there are things that we said we would not allow, including personal attacks, the use of profanity and hate speech. Because a significant number of folks who have posted in this blog have refused to follow any of those relatively simple rules, we’ve decided not to allow comments for the time being. It’s a shame that it’s come to this. Transparency and reasoned debate are crucial parts of the Web culture, and it’s a disappointment to us that we have not been able to maintain a civil conversation, especially about issues that people feel strongly (and differently) about.

We’re not giving up on the concept of having a healthy public dialogue with our readers, but this experience shows that we need to think more carefully about how we do it. Any thoughtful feedback on that (or any other issue) is welcome, and you can send it to executive.editor@washingtonpost.com.

Jim Brady
Executive Editor, washingtonpost.com”

In that case Brady and Debbie should try this duet:

“Whatever happened to fair dealing
And pure ethics
And nice manners?
Why is it everyone now is a pain in the ass?
Whatever happened to class?
Whatever happened to “Please may I ?”
And “Yes thank you”
And “How charming?”
Now every son of a bitch
Is a snake in the grass
Whatever happened to class?
Oh, there ain’t no gentlemen to open up the doors,
There ain’t no ladies now there’s only pigs and whores
And even kids’ll knock you down so’s they can pass
Nobody’s got no class!!!
Whatever happened to old values
And fine morals
And good breeding?
Now no-one even says oops
When they’re passing their gas
Whatever happened to class?
Oh, There ain’t no gentlemen that’s fit for any ews,
And any girl will touch your privates for a douse
And even kids’ll kick your shins and give ya sas
Nobody’s got no class!
All you read about today is rape and theft
Jesus Christ, ain’t there no decency left?
Nobody’s got no class!
Every guy is a snot
Every girl is a twat
Holy shit
Holy shit
What a shame
What a shame
What became of class?”


Read all the “profanity and hate speech” yourself thanks to Democratic Underground

Brady is SUCH a liar.