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It’s “Can’t Stop the schadenfreude” these days with the unravelling of yet another BushCo minion — this one fully capable of throwing himself under the bus :

“WASHINGTON, March 11 — The arrest on theft charges of Claude A. Allen, who until recently was President Bush’s top adviser on domestic policy, was an apparent fall from power that surprised and mystified his friends and former colleagues.”

Oh I am SO sure that’s not true.

“Mr. Allen, who resigned from his post as an adviser to Mr. Bush last month, was arrested on Thursday in Montgomery County, Md., where the police said he had swindled department stores out of more than $5,000 during the last year in a refund scheme.
On Saturday, neighbors and members of his church expressed confidence that he would be exonerated.
‘I simply don’t believe it,’ said the Rev. Joshua Harris of the Covenant Life Church in Gaithersburg, Md., where Mr. Allen and his family are active members. ‘I think if we let the whole situation clear, the truth is going to come out about this.’ “

Really Rev. Harris? I don’t think you’re going to like what comes out at all.

“The police accused Mr. Allen of going to stores on more than 25 occasions and buying items, taking them to his car and then returning to the store with his receipt. He would then pick up the same items he had just bought and return them for a refund, the police said. The incidents were said to have occurred while Mr. Allen was still in his job as Mr. Bush’s domestic policy adviser.
Through his lawyer, Mr. Allen denied the charges, saying there was a mix-up concerning his credit card.”

Considering his power position in Washington — even while in evident eclipse — Allen surely didn’t “need the money.” Consequently one suspects there was a fetishistic aspect involved.

“Ava Rashford, a neighbor and fellow member of the Covenant Life Church, said: ‘There are no secrets in our church, and I’ve known this family for years. Our church emphasizes openness about problems in our marriages or families, and if there was a problem, we would know. There wasn’t with this family.’ “

Oh honey there are always secrets in the church. Wake up and smell the choir director’s cologne!

“Mr. Bush said on Saturday that he was saddened by the charges against Mr. Allen. He said the information in the charges was different from the account that Mr. Allen had given to the White House.
‘If the allegations are true, Claude Allen did not tell my chief of staff and legal counsel the truth, and that’s deeply disappointing,’ Mr. Bush told journalists after a White House briefing on Iraq. ‘If the allegations are true, something went wrong in Claude Allen’s life, and that is really sad. When I heard the story last night I was shocked. And my first reaction was one of disappointment, deep disappointment that — if it’s true — that we were not fully informed.’ “

Really? As Condi might say you weren’t “tasked” to be “informed.”

“Mr. Harris said that he met with Mr. Allen on Friday night to provide counsel and asked Mr. Allen directly about the accusations. ‘I asked him, is there anything you’re not telling us that we should know about these claims,’ Mr. Harris said. ‘Claude said no, and we as a community stand firmly behind him.’ “

We’ll see about that firm behind, dear.

“A longtime conservative, Mr. Allen started his career working for Jesse Helsm, the former Republican senator from North Carolina.
A former deputy secretary in the Department of Health and Human Services, Mr. Allen was nominated in 2003 to a federal appeals court seat, but Senate Democrats blocked him. The N.A.A.C.P. opposed the nomination on the ground that he had not supported civil rights initiatives like a holiday to honor the Rev. Dr.Martin Luther King, Jr.
When the issue was debated in the early 1980’s, Mr. Allen said that he felt anguish because he respected Dr. King but was working for Mr. Helms, who opposed the holiday.”

Oh Cry Me a River (the Joe Cocker version)! Doug Ireland had the whole story in the L.A. Weekly last year:

“Known as Rove’s enforcer, Allen wielded a heavy, censorious and punitive hand at HHS. In November 2001, Thompson loyally toed the Rove-Bush line when he put Allen in charge of supervising HHS’s audit of HIV-prevention spending. Allen led an HHS witch-hunt that investigated all of the AIDS service organizations (ASOs) receiving any federal funding (like New York City’s Gay Men’s Health Crisis) whose staff members had disrupted Tommy Thompson’s speech to the 14th Annual International AIDS Conference in Barcelona; they were there to protest Bush’s lethal do-nothingism about the AIDS pandemic. These audits were designed to intimidate ASOs into abandoning AIDS advocacy. A number of ASOs, like San Francisco’s Stop AIDS Project and half a dozen other California AIDS-fighting groups, were ultimately purged from receiving U.S. funding by the Allen-led witch-hunt because Allen didn’t like their science-based sex-education programs. Allen ordered Advocates for Youth, the leading national coalition for safe-sex ed, audited half a dozen times.”

And that ain’t all —

“Allen’s history as a gay-baiter goes back to his days as a top aide to the notorious homophobe Senator Jesse Helms. In 1984, Allen accused Helms’ Democratic challenger, then-Governor James Hunt, of having links to “queers,” “radical feminists,” socialists and unions (Hunt was, in fact, a Bible-quoting right-wing Dem.) And Allen forged his odious reputation as a black capo for the racist right when he continued working for Helms despite the senator’s militant opposition to making Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday a national holiday.”

So can we be truly surprised when the intrepid Michael Petrelis exposes the beleagured Clause as a closet queen “on the down low”?

Not at all.Just one of a long list of self-loathing creeps that includes Jesse’s career mastermind Arthur Finkelstein, and such current Republican lights as Ken Mehlman and David Drier. The diffeence is they’ve managed to hold themselevs together — while poor Claude is coming apart at the seams.

(Back to the NYT story):

“Mr. Allen, who was appointed to his White House job last year, at the start of Mr. Bush’s second term, resigned abruptly in February, citing a desire to spend more time with his family. Earning $161,000 at the time, he was one of the top-paid staff members in the White House and one of the highest-ranking African-Americans on the staff.
Mr. Allen is charged with carrying out a felony theft scheme, which can result in a 15-year prison sentence.
The Montgomery County police said they were contacted by a manager at the Target store in Gaithersburg concerning an incident on Jan. 2, in which Mr. Allen is accused of having fraudulently tried to get a refund for items he did not buy.
A police spokesman said that a subsequent investigation, including video surveillance footage, revealed that Mr. Allen had illegally received fraudulent refunds from various stores. “

Oh how I hope John gets ahold of the surveillance footage and posts it on Crooks and Liars!

“Martin Brown, who answered the door at the Allen residence on Saturday and described himself as a longtime friend of Mr. Allen’s, said the accusations were baseless. “There is no doubt that he will clear his name when the facts come out,” Mr. Brown said.
On Friday, Scott McClellan, the White House press secretary, said Mr. Allen promptly reported the Jan. 2 incident to Andrew H. Card Jr., the White House chief of staff, and discussed it a day later with Harrier E. Miers, the White House counsel.
Mr. McClellan said that Mr. Card informed the president of the incident in early February. The White House had given Mr. Allen “the benefit of the doubt” because he had assured White House officials that the matter would be cleared up, Mr. McClellan said. In addition, White House officials said, Mr. Allen had recently undergone extensive background checks as a judicial nominee.
Karen A. Raschke, chief executive of the Virginia League for Planned Parenthood, said she had often disagreed with Mr. Allen and opposed him in a court case involving abortion rights in 1997, when he was a deputy attorney general of Virginia.
“I disapprove and disagree with him on everything you can imagine,” Ms. Raschke said Saturday. “But I knew him as a genuinely nice guy.”
Wade F. Horn, the assistant secretary of health and human services for children and families, voiced the sentiments of many in the Bush administration. “I just hope it’s not true,” Mr. Horn said. “I hope it’s a misunderstanding. It’s terrible if it’s true, it’s so awful.”
In the last eight years — as secretary of health and human resources in Virginia, as the No. 2 official at the federal Department of Health and Human Services and as a White House aide — Mr. Allen emphasized the importance of hard work, personal responsibility and self-sufficiency.”

All “virtues” BushCo promotes — but never ever practices.

“He described himself as a market-oriented conservative. His children were schooled at home. He advocated sexual abstinence before marriage and supported abstinence education programs.
In an essay in The Richmond Times-Dispatch in 2001, Mr. Allen said he had witnessed the beginnings of the Great Society while growing up in the inner city of Washington in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s.
‘Just when today’s welfare state was being created,’ Mr. Allen wrote, ‘my mother and father were instilling in my brother and me the principles of self-government and self-worth, not what Uncle Sam could do for us.’ “

Nope it’s what Uncle Tom “could do for us” that counted with Claude.
a fortiori Uncle Remus

Yep, Ol’ Claude’s caught in a Tar Baby, boys and girls.

Of course when it comes to self-loathing closet queens things could be worse.

But these days you can always find news that’s “positively satisfactual.”