Daily Archives: May 3, 2006

Important Notice!

Due to a sharp increase in the number of attempted spam comment posts, I have taken the necessary step of deleting a number of users.   Those who were deleted used free webmail accounts, and had not posted any comments, even though they had been members for more than 1 month.   If you believe you were deleted unfairly, I humbly apologise, and ask that you please re-register.   However, if you still persist in making no comments, then expect to be deleted again after a month or so.

This has nothing to do with censorship or freedom of speech.   Who was deleted and who was left, was a decision based solely on the unscientifically-derived probability of who was a spammer and who was not.

It should also be noted (for the spammers’ benefit) that attempting to spam Fablog is a pointless exercise.   The security measures used on Fablog mean that few–if any–of the spam comments ever appear anywhere on the blog.