Daily Archives: May 7, 2006

Soul Man

the Bush Splat (there’s never been a “bounce” — and never will be )continues:

“President George W. Bush said on Sunday he gained a glimpse into German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s soul when they met in Washington last week.
Bush told ARD television that Merkel had described her youth in communist East Germany at a White House dinner on Wednesday.
“She spoke of her childhood, of her father who was a pastor, of the (communist youth group) young pioneers, of her school life. And I have to say I got a glimpse into her soul, into how she feels,” he said.
Reuters translated his comments from a German transcript of the ARD interview, due to be broadcast on Sunday evening. ARD could not immediately provide original English quotes.
Bush called Merkel “authentic, open and direct.”
His comments echo ones he made about Russian President Vladimir Putin five years ago. “I was able to get a sense of his soul, a man deeply committed to his country and the best interests of his country,” Bush said then.”

As everyone knows the soul was first isolated by Peter Cushing back in 1967 in Frankenstein Created Woman. As made plain by screenwriter by Anthony Hinds and director Terence Fisher, the soul is a large floating glowing blue ball — a concept that impressed Martin Scorsese no end. He wrote about it in the very first “Guilty Pleasures” article for Film Comment, back in the day.)

I also recall to how Woody Allen once spoke of cheating on his philosophy exam by “staring into the soul of the person sitting next to me in class.”

But George W.Bush is neither Martin Scorsese nor Woody Allen. His life and career, however, would be prime material for a Hammer studios film. True, Fisher and Cushing are gone, but Christopher Lee would make a divine Dick Cheney.

As for Dubbya, how’s about Udo Kier ? True the accent is different but the look of bemused fanatacism is very much the same.

Sound intriguing? Have your people call my people