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Mr. Sheri Annis sounded the alarm in Pravda yesterday

“Kevin Phillips was once a respected Republican voice, but now he’s starting to sound like John Conyers.”

And just what is it about John Conyers that doesn’t merit respect? The ineffable Joe Klein explains it all for us in his TIME column

“Conyers will be chairman of the Judiciary Committee if the Democrats win control of the House in November, and he has already threatened impeachment hearings against President Bush. This is one of the few scenarios that might rouse the demoralized Republican base from its torpor. It is also likely to alienate independents, who are sick of the hyperpartisanship in Washington and will be less likely to vote for Democrats if the party is emphasizing witch hunts instead of substantive policies. But the ugly truth is that Conyers is a twofer: in addition to being foolishly incendiary, he is an African American of a certain age and ideology, easily stereotyped by Republicans. He is one of the ancient band of left-liberals who grew up in the angry hothouse of inner-city, racial-preference politics in the 1960s, a group “more likely to cry ‘racism’ and ‘victimization’ than the new generation of black politicians,” a member of the Congressional Black Caucus told me.”

So nice of Klein not to mention that Congressional Black Causcusperson’s name. Obviously they’re quaking in fear that Conyers will do to them what “Mookie” did to “Sal’s Pizza” in the climax of Do the Right Thing – the film Klein declared should never be released as it would cause race riots nationwide.

I’ve no doubt that Jolted Joe will reccomend said Caucauscritter to his editors, who are doubltess looking for someone “relevant” to review sob-sister Shelby Steele’s latest bundle of bathos about the way the Evil Civil Rights Movement upset the lives of his oh-so-nice white friends.

John Conyers was a major player in that movement before becoming the sort of politcian that give politics a good name.. You can get the skinny at his website or the Wikipedia which notes —

“Conyers is a leading figure in the Democratic Party and the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC). He’s currently Ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee and is one of the 13 founding members of the Congressional Black Caucus (considered the Dean of that group). Formed in 1969, the CBC was founded to strengthen African-American law makers ability to address the legislative concerns of Black and minority citizens. He has served longer in Congress than any other African-American. In 1971, he was one of the original members of Nixon’s Enemies List.

As we’ve learned over the past few days Dubbya’s Enemies List consists of the entire telephone directory. But Conyers is a Very Special Enemy —

He appeared in Michael Moore’s documentary Fahrenheit 9/11 discussing the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attacks, stating that members of Congress “don’t read most of the bills”.

And that’s the beating heart of the matter: John Conyers reads bills.

And then he takes action on them

And much more.

“On May 5, 2005, Conyers and 88 other members of Congress wrote an open letter to the White House inquiring about a leaked memo which revealed an apparent secret agreement between the United States and the United Kingdom to attack Iraq in 2002. The Times, a British national newspaper, reported that newly-discovered documents reveal British and U.S. intentions to invade Iraq and leaders of the two countries had “discussed creating pretextual justifications for doing so”. The documents go on to say that Tony Blair decided the U.S. would need to “create” conditions to justify the war.”

Leave us not forget his investigation of voting “irregularities” in the 2004 presidential election, discussed in detail in What Went Wrong in Ohio — a book no one in the “mainstream” thought important enough to mention. Marginalized though he may be as always with BushCo a ritual smear effort was engineered .

In complaints made to a House Ethics Committee meeting released on March 2, 2006, three former aides who worked for Conyers were allegedly used as babysitters, valets, and workers on the political campaigns of other politicians (including that of his wife who was running for Detroit city council) instead of working in his offices for governmental purposes.

My stars — who ever heard of such of thing?!

But just as he stood up to death threats as a youth, Conyers today denies his detractors the upper hand, as he makes clear in an op-ed in yesterday’s Pravda dismissing the alarm that Mr. Sheri sounds

“The administration’s stonewalling, and the lack of oversight by Congress, have left us to guess whether we are dealing with isolated wrongdoing, or mistakes, or something worse. In my view, the American people deserve answers, not guesses. I have proposed that we obtain these answers in a responsible and bipartisan manner.
It was House Republicans who took power in 1995 with immediate plans to undermine President Bill Clinton by any means necessary, and they did so in the most autocratic, partisan and destructive ways imaginable. If there is any lesson from those “revolutionaries,” it is that partisan vendettas ultimately provoke a public backlash and are never viewed as legitimate.”

Still that won’t deter Mr. Sheri and his friends:

“The chief bogeyman these days is John Conyers, the Michigan congressman who has repeatedly called for investigations of the Bush White House that could lead to impeachment. Conyers, it turns out, would become the Judiciary chairman if the Democrats pick up 15 seats in November.”

Uppity Nigger! When’s he going to learn his place, like Shelby?

Take it away Randy!

“In America you’ll get food to eat
Won’t have to run through the jungle
And scuff up your feet
You’ll just sing about Jesus and drink wine all day
It’s great to be an American

Ain’t no lions or tigers-ain’t no mamba snake
Just the sweet watermelon and the buckwheat cake
Ev’rybody is as happy as a man can be
Climb aboard, little wog-sail away with me

Sail away-sail away
We will cross the mighty ocean into Charleston bay
Sail away-sail away
We will cross the mighty ocean into Charleston bay

In America every man is free
To take care of his home and his family
You’ll be as happy as a monkey in a monkey tree
You’re all gonna be an American

Sail away-sail away
We will cross the mighty ocean into Charleston bay
Sail away-sail away
We will cross the mighty ocean into Charleston bay”