Daily Archives: June 7, 2006

George Will, who knows next to nothing about any subject you can name, has elected to weigh in on the AIDS epidemic on the artifical 25th anniversary the “mainstream” has confected for it.

The “Money Quote”:

“By 1987, when President Ronald Reagan gave his first speech on the subject, 20,798 Americans had died, and his speech, not surprisingly, did not mention any connection to the gay community. No president considers it part of his job description to tell the country that the human rectum, with its delicate and absorptive lining, makes anal-receptive sexual intercourse dangerous when HIV is prevalent.”

Straights are obsessed with anal intercourse. Especially if they’re Republicans.

Considering the delicacy of his anus one wonders how George Will manages to take shit.
But hey, that’s probably why he’s so full of shit.