Daily Archives: August 23, 2006

Contemplating the “Emo”-Allure of Anderson Cooper:

“Added to all this attention is the frisson of his sexuality and the hanging question — hanging because Cooper refuses to address it — of whether he is gay or not, which raises the possibility of his being America’s first gay anchor.”

The first? Really?

(A quick trip to the memory bank . A fast shuffle through images of everyone from John Cameron Swayze to Chet Huntley to Uncle Walter to Harry Reasoner to Tom Brokaw)

Hmmm. Guess so. (Though Ed Bradley is awfully fetching with that earring. Situational Meterosexuality no doubt.)

“But if he was the putative Brando of news (or maybe the more sensitive Montgomery Clift)”


(All together now)

Well , DUH!
So the question then remains: Who’s his Jack Larson?

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