Daily Archives: September 12, 2006

Lost in the rubble of yesterday’s clusterfuck of five-year-old news came this gem from Mr. Sheri Annis’ weekly “chat” with his readers.

“Green Bay, Wis.: Regarding your answer to Crofton, Md.: the important point is that Dick Cheney, our Vice-President, IS a liar, and a consistent one at that. This is big time important, and we the people rely on Russert, you, and other media types to give us the truth; the facts. You have to call a lie a lie, and insist on the facts. Your refusal to hold these people accountable to the truth is a big reason why you are losing your audience to the blogs and the Internet sites.
Howard Kurtz: Then you don’t want news coverage, you want sheer opinion. If Cheney says X and Russert says, Hold on, Mr. Vice President, the facts don’t support X and what’s more, two years ago you said Y, and then Cheney is forced to justify his position if he can, the audience gets it and he has done his job.
Thanks for the chat, folks.”

Got that now, folks? The sun rises. Howard Dean says the sun rose. But George W.Bush says it didn’t. Therefore the matter of the sun’s rise is “sheer opinion.”

Got it?