Daily Archives: September 15, 2006

From “Dean” Broder’s chat in today’s Pravda :

Baltimore, Md.: I am surprised at you calling the Bush administrations manipulation of facts and lying “misjudgment” — this administration has lied and lied to the people time after time. In front of the UN, in front of congress, in front of the public — they ignored voices of reason and moved ahead with war the way they wanted to. Cheney intertwined Hussein and Bin Laden. This administration has lied more than any I can remember. It is disgusting and for you to give them a free pass is a bit disgusting too.
David S. Broder: If you think I am giving them a free pass, you have not been reading my answers to the earlier questions. I repeat: This administration is responsible for the mess in Iraq and Afghanistan and the worldwide damage to the standing of the United States. It should be and will be held accountable in this year’s election and in 2008.

OK, let’s look at those earlier questions.

Rochester, N.Y.: I’ll be impressed if you take this one…
Mr. Broder, you recently argued that many in the media owed Karl Rove an apology, because we now know that the worst Mr. Rove might have done in the Valerie Plame case was to have misled prosecutors about a deed that was not itself a crime. If you feel this way now, then why were you so critical of Bill Clinton for misleading lawyers about a deed that was not itself a crime? Or do you now feel you owe Bill Clinton an apology? If not, then why not?
David S. Broder: We return a second time to President Clinton. What bothered me greatly about his actions was not what he said to his lawyers but what he told the Cabinet, his White House staff–You can go out and defend me because this did not happen. And he told the same,e lie to the American people. When a president loses his credibility, he loses an important tool for governing–and that is why I thought he should step down.

So for lying about sex Clkinton should have resigned.

Lying about WMD’s, “Mushroom clouds,” “yellowcake” and a needless war that has killed thousands of U.S. troops and deliberately uncounted Iraqis merely requires. . . we vote “in this year’s election and in 2008.”

With Diebold machines of course..