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As everyone in Greater Blogistan surely knows by now Jo. My. God. OWNS the Dirty Sanchez story. Just as FireDogLake has served as Information Central for All Things Fitz, so this far humbler blog (ordinarily given over to matters concerning the more colorful denizens of New York’s gay community — especially as regards facial hair enthusiast) found itself in the cyberspotlight when its proprietor took notice of the fact that
Ann Coulter’s latest piece of claw-candy wasn’t the Left-bedevilled “Marine Reservist” turned “Columbia studet” he claimed but rather gay porno star and fuckrag-for-hire “Rod Majors.”

Soon all manner of postings were flying back and forth, enlivened by the claims of Dirty Sanchez that not only he straight (a Standard Operational Lie of the sex trade) but that his clients weren’t either.

How’s that again?

Well Joe has links to the audio of the interview Dirty gave to Mike Signorile the other day, and it’s loonier than a late period Tennesee Williams play (though obviously nowhere near as literate)

Just as the fog of Dirty’s lies began to gather faster than the literal fog featured in the climax of Identification of a Woman , a Joe. My. God. poster named Willy offered the following —

Sanchez is not currently in the USMC. That’s part of his fraud. You see, “Cpl. Matt Sanchez” is a former Marine Corps reservist. Sanchez refused to answer my questions about this, and other details, that I posed on the comment sections of his website before he shut them down. So I had to piece it together from tidbits, but I think it’s accurate.

Sanchez joined the USMC in May 2003. He went to boot camp, Basic School and occupation training school (the ‘fridge repair thing). That lasts six months or so, give or take some. Then he was discharged from active duty to a USMCR (U.S. Marine Corps Reserve) unit in New York. As a member of the USMCR, he was required to report to his unit one weekend a month and for two weeks a year.

The Marine Corps Times article listed him as an IRR reservist. That stands for Individual Ready Reserve. IRR personnel are inactive. They aren’t attached to any unit. All they do is tell their service branch when they change their address. Every marine, solider, sailor and airman who serves in an active or reserve unit is “IRR” after the service obligation ends.

IRR status lasts for a minimuim of four years. To end that obligation, a service member has to fill out paperwork. Otherwise it continues. A lot of people leave for civilian life and put the military behind them and forget to file the paperwork leaving the IRR. Remember all those stories about people shocked to be called up to service after 10 or 15 years? Those were people who forgot to fill out that paperwork.

The reason I dwell on this is because an IRR marine (or other branch member) is best described as a civilian. Given Sanchez’s enlistment date, I strongly suspect that his USMCR obligation ended in May 2006, i.e., that he had signed a three-year contract. After that, he was a civilian.

Thus when “Cpl. Matt Sanchez,” a student in Columbia University’s extension program (taking how many classes we don’t know) posed as a marine at the school and on wingnut TV, his did so as a civilian calling himself a marine reservist on the strength of that IRR designation.

It was part of his fraud. He’s a former marine, guys. Not only that, but he’s a former marine reservist. His level of involvement with the Marine Corps was as low as it could be. What kind of guy would join the USMC reserves during wartime? It’s anyone’s guess. Mine is that he liked the spiffy uniform and figured boot camp would help him butch up his act and give himself a sense of identity and belonging.

As for any USMC investigation, I’m not a military lawyer but I don’t see much of a basis for one. Sanchez is a former marine. He’s a civilian. They simply won’t call him off of IRR. Ever. I’m not sure they would have anyway. It could be that he’d heard scuttlebutt that IRR marines in New York were going to be called up and wanted to head it off at the pass, but we don’t know that.

I hope this helps. It’s one of many reasons why Matt Sanchez is a shitbird, a creampuff, a fraud. From the word go.
Willy | 03.12.07 – 8:01 pm |

Willy, all of us (the few, the proud, the sane) cannot begin to thank you enough.

As for Dirty of whose masquerade (like that of Meville’s The Confidence Man) I suspect we shall hear more, the only thing to add is that this whole affair has a very familiar ring

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