Daily Archives: March 27, 2007


Testing whether this is formatting properly.

For the past couple of weeks Fablog has been under sustained attack from spammers attempting to pollute our posts with their comments. I’ve had to spend tens of hours of my limited free time combatting this attack by moderating the comments, and deleting the new-comment-notification emails. I haven’t kept a count of the number of spam-comments we’ve received but I can safely say it has been over two thousand in the last couple of weeks. This is the worst it has ever been, hence the closure of self-registration, and the gradual closure of commenting on older posts–eventually I will have comments closed on all posts over 6-weeks old, and will continue to turn off commenting once new posts are 6 weeks old.

The upgrade to the latest version of WordPress is something I have not bothered with until now. The version we were using was working fine, and I didn’t see a need to change anything…until now, of course. I’m also investigating plugins to find further ways to boost the security of Fablog. I know David welcomes the chance to receive feedback from his readers–positive and negative–and it is not something we wish to stop. Therefore, one of the first plugins I will be experimenting with, will be methods to foil spammers and their spambots. As a result, you can expect some more mistakes, errors, fuckups, and unwanted downtime, until I can find and implement the best solutions.