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Can’t say for sure.
Obviously Joan Walsh is Playing the Victim Card again. Though in her case I’d call it Victim Canasta.

“Most of us know that online misogyny is a bipartisan problem. The Freepers were vile, but one of the nastiest things ever said about me online — the only time I can remember being called the c-word — came from a lefty gay male blogger after I defended Andrew Sullivan when other lefty gays “outed” Sullivan for his online dating preferences.”

“Dating preferences”?!?!!!

Obviously a trip down memory lane is required.

La Walsh squeaks:

“The same week as Bush’s troubles made headlines, a news story did come bubbling up from the dark reaches of the Internet: the strange tale of gay conservative Andrew Sullivan, and the supposed “hypocrisy” of his lecturing on gay politics and morality while, apparently, he looks for kinky sex on the Internet. His critics, who include gay journalists Michelangelo Signorile David Ehrenstein and Michael Musto, have in various ways made public the details of Sullivan’s Internet exploits, including his screen handle as well as the online personal “profile” the HIV-positive journalist used as he sought out opportunities for having unprotected sex with men who are also infected with the AIDS virus. Discovered on the Internet, published in print, the Sullivan story then became mainstream news”

Indeed it did.

“In fact, the reaction to the Sullivan story has been scarier to me than the story itself. That Sullivan has made enemies is well known. He and Signorile have clashed before over the ethics of “outing” gay public figures who have stayed in the closet, with Signorile opting for exposing their hypocrisy and Sullivan defending their right to privacy. That Signorile would decide, along similar lines, that the public also needed to know about Sullivan’s private sexual practices, in light of his moralistic public statements, doesn’t shock me. I don’t agree, but I’m not surprised.”

Note how that which was once referred to as “private sexual practices” has now morphed into “dating preferences.”

But back to Memory Lane via the hit piece Walsh ordered to take out on Michaelangelo and I, written by “a gay, left-liberal, vegetarian Californian.”

“He acted confidentially, as most of us do, in good faith, online. He chose not to use his name or post a picture.”

Well actually there WAS a picture — of a stark naked Sully with his back to the camera. Sadly there’s no link as the “Hot Milky Loads” mirror blogspot that disclosed the “Barebackcity.com” post was taken down some time ago.

The gay veggie continues–

“And while detractors call Sullivan a hypocrite, and use that as a defense for exposing his private sexual behavior, I cringe at the word. First of all, it implies that he believes one thing but purposely acts in a contradictory way. And there’s no proof of that. Sullivan’s writings about sex and relationships have always been complex, sometimes even contradictory. They’ve evolved over the years.”

Really? Does Oprah know about this? It would make a great show for her: “Gay Men on the Down Low.”

“At any rate, I defend Sullivan’s right to his contradictions.”

But not anyone who’d take issue with said contradictions.

To return to Walsh and the ever-sofamous “c-word.” (See how decorous I can be?), here’s one “Google” search., and here’s another.

Could Joan be lying?

Perish the thought, clutch the Pearls and SING OUT LOUISE!

“There was an old zany who lived in a tub;
He had so many fleabites
He didn’t know where to rub.
He kept looking for an honest man
Said “I’m gonna find him if I can”
If I could meet Diogenes today,
This is what I’d say:

Oh, Diogenes!
Find a man who’s honest!
Oh, Diogenes!
Wrap him up for me
Oh, Diogenes!
Find a man who’s stolid-solid
Hook that fish if he’s in the sea
Hunt him! Trail him!
Catch him! Nail him!
If he is free
Have you got your stick?
Have you got your lantern?
Can you do the trick
And produce him, please!
Catch that fellow!
Ring that bell,
Oh, Diogenes!