Daily Archives: April 16, 2007

In light of the fact that (as Verne Gay notes) he “has been on so many times Imus in the Morning could’ve been called The Tim and Don Show,” it’s not surprising that He Who Is Controlled by Dick Cheney brought the Cowboy-hatted creep up on his show Me — the Press. Thanks to Gwen Ifill’s long memory of not only Imus’ other slurs but the complaints African-Americans other than Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have made about the issue — to the stifled yawns of the “mainsteam” Timmeh is so pivotal a part of — it wasn’t a dull show.

Still he tried to keep it damped down via this exchange involving Ifill and Pravda‘s leading African-American columnist, columnist Gene Robinson (whilst a slightly frightened Bobo Brooks looked on.)

“MR. RUSSERT: And if Don, Don Imus takes time off and comes back and says, you know, “I was an addict, and I embraced that and tried to educate people about that and educate people about Autism. I’m now going to dedicate my life to racial reconciliation and healing, and I’m going to talk about that on my new program”?
MR. ROBINSON: Well, people will decide whether they want to sponsor, you know, whether they want to put it on the air, and whether they…
MS. IFILL: Would you go back on his program if he did that?
MR. ROBINSON: …want to sponsor it, and whether they want to listen to it.
MR. RUSSERT: I, I—I’d, I’d certainly listen to it. Absolutely. I mean, if he is dedicating himself—if the, if the Rutgers women’s basketball team said they have forgiven him and they’re trying to seek reconciliation, and he dedicates himself to racial healing, that is, to me, is a very positive step.”

You see Folks? Just like MLK, Timmeh has a dream. And all of us are in it with Dorothy and Toto, right?
But wait a minute there smiley — hold the phone. Imus is an “addict”? What, praytell, was he supposed to be addicted to?

We are of course deep in the jungle of PR, where the metalanguage of “recovery” rules. Thus Imus’ racism, like Isaiah Wahington’s homophobia is something to be 12-stepped out of.
Add to that the I-man’s charity work for autism and “racial reconciliation and healing” become automatic, providing he’s “dedicating himself” to them.

Is this what we’ll hear about next? Will Imus be joining Brittany Spears at “Promises”?

(crickets chirping)

Meanwhile in other “healing” news —