Daily Archives: April 21, 2007

“It takes a lot of me to make a gun,
Many men to make a gun
Men in the mines
To dig the iron
Men in the mills
To forge the steel
Men at machines
To turn the barrel
Mold the trigger
Shape the wheel–
It takes a lot of men to make a gun
One gun. . .
And all you have to do
is move your little finger
Move your little finger and —
You can change the world
Why should you be blue
When you’ve your little finger?
Prove how just a little finger can
Change the world’What a wonder is a gun!
What a versatiel invention!
First of all when you’ve a gun —
Everybody pays attention
When you think what must be done
Think of all that it can do:
Remove a scoundrel,
Unite a party,
Preserve the Union,
Promote the sales of my book,
Insure my future
My niche in histor –eee
And then the world will see
That I am not a man to overlook!
Ha-Ha!’And all you have to do
is squeeze your little finger
Ease your little finger back–
You can change the world
Whatever else is true
You trust your little finger
Just a single little finger
Can change the world”