Daily Archives: June 12, 2007

Mr. Sheri Annis notes:

this posting from Miami Herald crime reporter David Ovalle:
“I’m livid. I agreed to conduct a last-minute interview with MSNBC about the case of missing Stepha Henry, the 22-year-old college grad who went missing May 29 from Miami-Dade. I rushed to MSNBC’s studio but a few minutes before the interview, I was told that it was off — Paris Hilton coverage was more important.
“Turns out, I’m not the only one. Miami-Dade police lead spokeswoman Linda O’Brien was canceled by MSNBC the hour before me. She tells me:
” ‘I am upset because MSNBC called me and asked me to go to their studio in Broward County, 30 miles away from my office. I was there for a total of 45 minutes, was already seated and had the mic ready for the interview. As I waiting to be interviewed, I was listening to the Paris Hilton coverage to include discussion to the effect if anybody had seen or knew the whereabouts of her Chihuahua.
” ‘Then they tell me they have to cut the piece, cut my interview because they’re doing constant coverage of Paris Hilton. I’m appalled that a missing woman cannot get even 60 seconds of air time because the priorities of MSNBC was to have footage of the front gates of Paris Hilton’s house. They asked me to come to the interview and I’m going out of my way to do every interview to keep in the public eye that Stepha Henry, a bright beautiful woman, is missing and we need help in this case.’
“I’m through with cable TV news. It’s a joke.”

Ondeed it is. And one of cable TV news’ most darkly mirth-provoking aspects has been its obsession with missing women.

Always middle-class.

Always white.

Over the past two decades the entire world has been periodically importuned to stop whatever it is it’s doing and pay rapt attention to the plight of Lacy Peterson, Chandra Levy, Natalie Holloway and a host of others. Sometimes a body is found. Sometimes the Missing White Woman shows up on her own accord — as in the relentlessly pimped “Runaway Bride” story.

In this context Paris Hilton is the ultimate Missing White Woman.
She’s not physically missing — just her brain.

And it’s all a joke.

Not a particularly funny one. But Sigmund Freud might have enjoyed it.