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I have written any number of newspaper articles in my time, but in all my years as a jounalist I have never been afforded quite the reception given to THIS.

Thanks to the hysteria created by “parody” song written for a drug addict with a coast-to-coast radio show

I have so far appeared on several radio call-in shows, and the NBC “Today” show. — in a montage about the oxycontin junkie, questiong whether he has “gone too far this time.” I was also interviewed for the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric. But it never ran because the junkie wouldn’t agree to be interviewed.

That’s quite typical of him. He never confronts his critics.

Meanwhile on this end the e-mails and written missives keep rolling in. Here are two of the latest.

Tanisha G. Wright writes:

“Hi David I just wanted to make a comment about an article that you wrote in March about Mr.. Obama entitled the “Magic Negro”. I wanted to know if that is really the way you feel, or if it was just something you wrote for entertainment purposes? A lot of people have mixed views about Mr.. Obama becoming president of the US (I personally believe that he is the best candidate so far) but how come his image has to be so negative in your eyes. Is this the way you view all of the black elites in general? I do not think that his position as the president will serve him as some poster boy for a public apology in regards to slavery at all. Of course he has made mistakes and he admitted that openly, but how can society accept him for who he is and not what he is, if we are served with articles that are oppressing and that continually trash the black race?”

Robert Munroe opines:

“Mr. Ehrenstein:

I was appalled when I read your article calling Mr. Obama a “Magic Negro”. Have you ever considered the fact that there might be people in this world who try to be the best kind of person they can be? They have flaws and weaknesses (Barack has already revealed his past flaws), just like the rest of us, but they try their best to live their lives with respect and dignity. Your comment that if a black person does this then they are faking it is very racist and should be insulting to anyone who is not a bigot/racist.
You are entitled to your opinions, but how would you feel if someone wrote an article stating that Jewish philanthropists like Paul Allen are really “Magic Jews” and are not really trying to give back to the world, but are putting up a farce to hide who they truly are – some stereotypical image that ignorant people have of people who happen to be Jewish. Or if I said that someone who was gay like Neil Patrick Harris was really a “Magic Gay” because he does not act like the gay stereotype that many ignorant people
expect of someone who is gay.

I don’t know if you are gay and/or Jewish, but even though I am neither, I would be outraged and upset by these comments and would have no doubt in my mind that the commenter was racist and a bigot. It’s a shame that these feelings are so rampant in our society and you are the only racist/bigot that has the guts to show their true colors.”

Like many of my critics Mr. Munroe’s reading skills are wanting, as I clearly indicate my race in the piece, and speak of the problems arising from my, uh . . . controversial last name.

As for Doogie, he and Tulsa are indeed magical in every way.

But returning to the principle matter at hand, to both letters I replied thusly:

That article is the most talked about and wilfully misunderstood piece I have ever written.

It was not an attack on Barack Obama, but rather an observation on the culture as a whole and the way it regards African-Americans that meet with its approval.

A white drug addict with a coast-to-coast radio show has been using my op-ed as a platform from which to spew his racism. Consdiering that said racism has been well-known for some time (and NEVER commented upon by the “mainstream” media) this is no surprise.

My own feelings about Obama have been generally positive until yesterday when a lawyer who works for him wrote an op-ed for the “Huffington Post” demanding that Dick Cheney shill Irving Lewis (“Scooter”) Libby be pardoned.

This is an outrage. A deep offense to anyone with so much as a shred of respect for the rule of law.

As a result there is no way that THIS African-American will ever cast a vote for Barack Obama.

So endith the lesson.