Daily Archives: August 10, 2007

Travelled to the dark heart of WeHo yesterday in the early evening, to check out the action at The Abbey, just as the “historic” address by the 2008 Democratic Presidential Candidates sponsored by the HRC and LOGO was about to get underway.

As the place (which has become The WeHo hot spot, ever since the neighborhood went from sleazy to trendy) was taken over by a fund-raiser for the scarcely cash-poor Clinton, it was a (moderately) grotesque sight. The nicest-looking, best-dressed, well-heeled bunch of gay and lesbian KAPOS you ever saw lined up in a neat and orderly fashion, the “street trash” that made their presence possible not even so much as a distant memory.

No question of my going in to kiss the cuff of Hillary’s pant-suit — especially when there was a bar down the street playing the show. And it was indeed a show, which is why the review in today’s Variety is so a propos.

We are still “entertainment” to them.

And nothing more.

“Democrats Voice Support of Gay Rights in TV Forum” the NYT declares.

“Six Democratic presidential candidates broke new ground Thursday night by participating in a televised forum devoted to gay issues. All voiced strong support for equal rights and government benefits for gay Americans, though the three leading candidates said they opposed same-sex marriage.”

And that’s the long and the short of it — save for a few details. John Edwards denied reports of “not being comfortable” around gay people, Bill Richardson made fool of himself by declaring that gayness was “a choice” — only to try to take it back in a flurry of post-appearance “clarifications,” and the Magic Negro did his usual shuck and jive.

“Senator Barack Obama was challenged on his image as a “candidate of change” because, in the words of one of his questioners, Jonathan Capeheart, his opposition to gay marriage was “decidedly old school.”
“Oh, come on now,” Mr. Obama said. Noting that he had quickly accepted the invitation to the forum, he said, “There’s a reason I was here first: I’ve got a track record working on these issues.”
Like Mr. Edwards and Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Obama emphasized his support for civil unions that included full marriage rights.”

In other words it was a rousing endorsement of “Separate But Equal.”

Being black as well as gay — Been There. Done That.

But it’s a measure of jut how low the glbt estate stands at this peculiar point in time that there any number of same-sex oriented citizens (both at The Abey and elsewhere) who are perfectly willing to go along with this because powerful and “celebrated” straights will occupy the same room with them and without either vomiting or beating them up.

That’s how little they think of themselves. Out yes, Proud no.

“Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton also faced a bolt of skepticism from [Melissa] Etheridge, who asked why gay Americans should trust her professions of support when “our hearts were broken, we were thrown under the bus” by her husband, former President Bill Clinton
“Obviously, Melissa I don’t see it quite the way you describe, but I respect your feeling about it,” Mrs. Clinton said, noting the gay appointees in her husband’s administration.
Asked what was at the heart of her opposition to same sex-marriage, Mrs. Clinton said, “I prefer to think of it as being very positive about civil unions.”

IOW, “Fuck You.”

And being that she has the money, the power and the votes Hillary is supremely aware of the fact that she can offer such suavely stated “Fuck You,” without suffering any “serious consequences” (ie. loss of either electoral or financial support from her gay and lesbian apologists.)

“The other two candidates who participated in the forum, Representative Dennis J. Kucinich of Ohio and former Senator Mike Gravel of Alaska, expressed full support for gay marriage.”

As well they should because in terms of “political reality” a snowball in Hell stands a better chance than they do.

Noted Variety:

In summarizing why he isn’t opposed to gay marriage, Kucinich said, “To me — who cares? — it really doesn’t matter.”

And so in his honor, let’s have a rousing chorus of Jane Bowles’ favorite song (which in light of current stock market developments is “on message” as never before.)

“Let it rain and thunder,
Let a million firms go under.
I am not concerned with
Stocks and bonds that I’ve been burned with!

I love you and you love me
And that’s how it will always be
And nothing else can ever mean a thing

Who cares what the public chatters
Love’s the only thing that matters

Who cares if the sky cares to fall in the sea
Who cares what banks fail in Yonkers
Long as you’ve got a kiss that conquers?

Why should I care?
Life is one long jubilee,
So long as I care for you
And you care for me!

Who cares how history rates me
As long as your kiss intoxicates me?

Why should I care?
Life is one long jubilee,
So long as I care for you
And you care for me!”