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Here we go again!

“(Washington) Two of Sen. Larry Craig’s children said Tuesday they questioned him explicitly about “what exactly happened in that bathroom” where he was arrested in a sex sting and believe his assertions that he isn’t gay.
Michael Craig said they asked their father about the June 11 incident at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport, which led to the Idaho Republican’s resignation last week after it became public, because “we were shocked” at media accounts of the incident, he said.”

And I and many others who have followed this story were shocked that at no point in this news item — or the Good Morning America broadcast which it references — was the fact that these are not Larry Craig’s bilogical offspring ever mentioned.

“Craig, 62, pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of disorderly conduct following his arrest. The arresting officer said in his report that the restroom where he encountered Craig is a known location for homosexual activity.
In an interview with ABC’s “Good Morning America,” Michael Craig said his father was simply “a victim of circumstance” and “in the wrong place at the wrong time.”
“We’ve known him our whole life. He has been so trustworthy to us, so honest to us, that we believe him,” Michael Craig said.
Among the questions he and his sister Shae Howell said they asked their father was “what exactly happened in that bathroom,” and they tried to “break down definitions of what words mean,” including semantic definitions of sex, Michael Craig said.”

How Clintonesque !

You see, “Gay Sex” isn’t “Real sex” therefore what happened isn’t adultery. But then of course it “didn’t happen at all,” right kids?

“Maybe it wasn’t sexual intercourse, but were these sexual actions? Were there sexual feelings? All these terrible things that were said in the media, we asked all those tough questions,” Michael Craig said. “I don’t want to have an answer based on a legality or technicality or semantics of the words. We wanted to know exactly what happened and after speaking to our dad, we know exactly what happened.”

Oh WE get the picture!

“He said that it would make no difference to them if Craig was gay, though they “absolutely” believed Craig’s assertion that he wasn’t. “It would matter to my mom, but gay or straight, that part doesn’t matter,” Michael Craig said.”

Do I sense a song cue?

Take it away Judy!

“They say I’m crazy, got no sense,
But I don’t care.
They may or may not mean offence,
But I don’t care;
You see I’m sort of independent,
Of a clever race descendent,
My star is on the ascendant,
That’s why I don’t care.
I don’t care,
I don’t care,
What they may think of me.
I’m happy go lucky,
Men say I am plucky,
So jolly and care free.
I don’t care,
I don’t care,
If I do get the mean and stony stare.
If I’m never successful,
It won’t be distressful,
‘Cos I don’t care.
Some people say I think I’m it,
But I don’t care,
They say they don’t like me a bit,
But I don’t care;
‘Cos my good nature effervescing,
Is one, there is no distressing,
My spirit there is no oppressing,
Just ‘cos I don’t care.
I don’t care,
I don’t care,
If people don’t like me,
I’ll try to outlive it,
I know I’ll forgive it,
And live contentedly.
I don’t care,
I don’t care,
If people do not try to treat me fair.
There is naught can amaze me,
Dislike cannot daze me,
‘Cos I don’t care.
If I call on a friend and she’s “not in,”
Why, I don’t care,
I simply discover I need some pins,
‘Cos I don’t care;
Her feeble slight does but amuse me,
Nothing like it could induce me,
To hand it back none could induce me,
Just ‘cos I don’t care.
I don’t care,
I don’t care,
If she did mean to snub.
I’m feeling so jolly,
T’would be simple folly
To even feel the rub.
I don’t care,
I don’t care,
If I do call on her
And she’s not there.
If she can’t say “Hello,”
She’s not a good fellow,
And I don’t care.
They say my hair’s in silly style,
But I don’t care,
They but amuse me all the while,
“Cos I don’t care;
You see my hair with me’s a fixture,
And it’s color’s not a mixture,
When they call me living picture,
Surely I don’t care.
I don’t care,
I don’t care,
If my hair is not dressed swell;
I’ve got no kick coming –
It’s vastly becoming,
And suits my face so well;
I don’t care,
I don’t care,
I know that style like mine
Is mighty rare.
So roll out the gangway
‘Cos I’m Eva Tanguey
And I doooooon’t care!

“It was a matter of an accusation of a lewd, immoral, illegal act.”
He said that by pleading guilty, his father “was just trying to resolve a little problem and he thought it was probably something resulting in something fairly minor. I think he knows he screwed up.”

Love the “little” and the “minor.”

Does this mean Larry is Princess Tinymeat?

“Standing next to their father in Boise on Saturday when he announced his resignation was “tough,” Michael Craig said, but “we are family and we stay together through good times and bad.” Another sibling, Jay Craig, was said to be out of the country and not available.”

No fool he.

The family is angry that so many of his father’s colleagues on Capitol Hill had failed to support him in the scandal.
They “made their decision and formed their opinion about it without even talking to my dad,” said Shae Howell. “So that was a little frustrating and disappointing too.”

Another song cue — take it away Rufus!

“Do I disappoint you, in just being human?
And not one of the elements, that you can light your cigar on
Why does it always have to be fire?
Why does it always have to be brimstone?
Cool this body down

Do I disappoint you, in just being lonely?
And not one of the elements that you can call your one and only
Why does it always have to be water?
Why does it always have to be holy wine?
Of all mankind

And do I disappoint you?
Do I disappoint you in just being like you?

Tired of being the reason the road has a shoulder
And it could be argued, why they all return to the order
Why does it always have to be chaos?
Why does it always have to be wanderlust?
I’m gonna smash your bloody skull.
‘Cause, baby, no, you can’t see inside
No, baby, no, you can’t see my soul
Do I disappoint you?
Do I disappoint you?”

Yes Diane, you do.