Daily Archives: November 16, 2007

To see what the fuss is about.

Dear Will and anyone else who has difficulties reading Fablog,

Sorry about the readability of the blog.   The colour scheme is to–sort of–keep it in line with the rest of Ehrensteinland.com.   The colour scheme of Ehrensteinland.com is primarily black and white because the photographs were originally all going to be black and white, and it seemed appropriate.   It has nothing to do with trying to be “tres ishy poo”.   I have tried to take into account the contrast of white on black, which is why the font colour is actually a silver, and the post background is grey.   I personally find this easier on the eyes in the long term than black on white.   Unfortunately, we’re not about to change the colour scheme any time soon but there are a couple of alternatives you could try.   Firstly, you can try adjusting the contrast and brightness of your monitor.   If it is set too dark then that will cause the light on dark scheme to be too glaring.   Raising the brightness and contrast may alleviate this problem. Failing that, my second suggestion would be to give Opera a try; you’ll find a link at the bottom of every page on Fablog.   Opera is by far the best web browser on the market, and one of its exceptional facilities is the ability to switch the page layout on a per tab basis from the author mode to the user mode.   I actually have my browser set up differently to the default which means I have the button in place so it works with a simple mouse click.   However, it can also be accessed via the menu bar by going to View -> Style.   In this instance, you would leave the site in “author mode” but would select High Contrast (B/W) from the sub-menu.   The result of this is the layout of the page remaining the same–menu on right, posts on left, quoted text still surrounded by box to differentiate from David’s comments etc–but the entire page would be white with black text.

Hope this helps with the eye strain.