Daily Archives: January 26, 2008

Over at the venerable Towleroad poster Bill Perdue writes of the Magic Negro

“FIRST, he’s a Democrat, a political hustler in a right centrist party who’ll say anything to get elected. As Gore Vidal said says “We have one party – we have the party of essentially corporate America. It has two right wings, one called Democratic, one called Republican.” A vote for either party is a vote for people whose pigheaded opposition to samesex marriage and gutting of ENDA make them open opponents of GLBT equality.

SECOND, like Clinton the Dixiecrat and the Republicans he openly, arrogantly and unashamedly panders to gay bashing christian bigots.

THIRD, like the Dixiecrat Clinton and the Republicans he’s a candidate bought and paid for by corporate interests; his contributors are a virtual rogue’s gallery of parasites including: Goldman Sachs $430,578,JP Morgan Chase & Co $273,359,Exelon Corp $269,100, Kirkland & Ellis $256,089, Sidley Austin LLP $241,525, Lehman Brothers $241,090,Citigroup Inc $207,500,Skadden, Arps et al $206,271 etc.

FOURTH, Obama was the first presidential candidate to support the NAFTA Peru extension bill before Congress. Look at his list of donors above and his stand makes perfect sense. The AFL-CIO, all Peruvian unions and most environmental and anti-poverty organizations oppose NAFTA because it’s used to pauperize workers, bust unions and is an environmental disaster. Obama, Clinton and most Republicans support NAFTA. They have to if they want corporate money.

FIFTH, in spite of all his hype about the war one thing remains crystal clear, neither he, Edwards, Clinton and the Republicans can end the war. A victory by the Iraqis will end it, just like the war in Vietnam was ended. Obama would spread the war to Pakistan, a nation with nuclear weapons. All the leading Democratic and Republican candidates flatly refuse to promise withdrawal before 2013.

SIXTH, like Clinton and the Republicans, Obama is a handpuppet for the HMO, pharmaceutical and insurance industries. Don’t get sick if one of them wins. The National Nurses Organizing Committee, AFL-CIO condemns Obama, saying “Obama has chosen to give more customers and more public funds to the for-profit insurance corporations. It’s an expensive gift and one that allows them to continue meddling in medical decision-making while raking in obscene blood-money profits.”

SEVENTH, his appointees to the court will be approved by the companies that own him and the right wing christians he panders to. her democrats pander to. Like Dixiecrat Bill Clintons appointees they’ll do what’s right for the right for the rich.

EIGHTH, and most important, if enough people vote for him he might win. Anyone older that eight or nine years old who believes campaign promises is not that much older than eight or nine. With Democrats like these who needs Republicans. A Republican candidate is a loud-mouthed baboon in a people suit with a theocratic christian attached at the hip. A Democratic candidate is a Republican in drag.”

In short, there’s nothing more to add but SING OUT LOUISE!!!!!!