Daily Archives: August 19, 2008

Once in a great while the truth leaks out ,as seen in this exchange in today’s Pravda (No not the writer — the reader)

New York: When reading The Post’s coverage of the Bruce Ivins anthrax investigation, it occurs to me that The Post’s role has been and continues to be what the establishment media’s role generally is — to serve government sources and amplify their claims, not to investigate their veracity. That’s how it was when Saddam Hussein who was the original anthrax culprit, followed by Steven Hatfill, and now Bruce Ivins. It’s how Jessica Lynch heroically fought off Iraqi goons in a firefight, how Pat Tillman stood down al-Qaeda monsters until they murdered him, how Iraq possessed mountains of WMD, and now, how Russia has assaulted the consensus values of the Western World by invading a sovereign country and occupying parts of it for a whole week, etc., etc. All of those narratives came from the government directly into the pages of The Washington Post, which then uncritically conveyed them, often (as in the case of the Jessica Lynch lies and WMD claims) playing a leading role in doing so. Thoughts?
Michael Abramowitz: I don’t agree with your basic premise. The media clearly fell down in some of the areas you mention, but sometimes it takes time to get a complete, accurate picture of what happened in murky situations. To take just two of the cases you mention–Jessica Lynch and Pat Tillman: The media continued digging into these cases until the truth came out. It’s not always possible to do that in the first day or two of a big story.

“New York” obviously knows how the sausage is stuffed.