Daily Archives: November 4, 2008

. . . as he takes a parting shot at the 2008 election.:

“About the only thing that hasn’t been addressed is Whoopi Goldberg talking about me. My column yesterday on “The View” and other feature shows being rough on McCain and easy on Obama drew some complaints from the ladies. Whoopi made the point that the friendly interview with Obama was in March (while the encounter with McCain in which Joy Behar accused him of lying in his ads was in September):

“Howard, when he came here, he wasn’t the nominee yet. Let’s get that very clear because you know, you’re all about reliable sources. He wasn’t the nominee. When John McCain came the first time with us, he was not the nominee and we had a great ride with him. And Barack Obama has yet to come since being the nominee.”

Absolutely true — which is why I quoted Bill Geddie, executive producer of “The View,” as making those very points.

My piece noted that Barbara Walters had said to Obama that “we thought you were very sexy” — and based on her autobiography, she knows something about the subject. “I rue the day,” she said of the remark yesterday.

Whoopi also said that when she asked McCain whether she should “fear being returned to slavery,” she was making a point about strict constructionists who insist on mining the original intent of the Constitution — which, of course, embedded slavery in our country’s DNA. I might have provided more context on that point.

As I wrote yesterday, they’re more than entitled to their opinion.”

Oh that Whoopi. How dare she dis’ Massa’ Howard!

“Seems to me McCain has been making a more general class-warfare argument, symbolized by Joe the Plumber, that doesn’t rest on color.”

The facts, however, are not in dispute.:

“He [Samuel the unlicensed plumber] also said that, in his encounter with Obama, the Illinois Senator “a tap dance…almost as good as Sammy Davis, Jr.”