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Tim Rutten weighs in on The Meme That Wouldn’t Die ! :

“Shanklin, who first performed his parody on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show (and they say ideologues don’t have a sense of humor) said he was inspired by an Op-Ed article by David Ehrenstein that appeared in The Times this year. Saltsman, who as you can imagine has come in for a bit of criticism for his gift, now characterizes the column as “irresponsible.” (We’ll leave it to him to explain why he distributed irresponsible ideas.)

Ehrenstein, one of whose grandparents was African American, is a sophisticated cultural critic with the reflexes of a street fighter; he can take care of himself in this one. It’s worth pointing out, though, that as a longtime scholar of film and politics, his essay borrowed a term of art that long has been used to describe a certain kind nonthreatening black man as portrayed in literature and cinema. Ehrenstein cited a litany of such portrayals on screen and linked Obama’s political popularity to the characters’ appeal.”


See? Beneath this ultra-sophisticated exterior I’m someone you wouldn’t want to be caught alone with in a dark alley. Noel Coward with a shiv!

Oh and Tim, my mother was African-American. My father was white. You know what they say: Some Call it Loving vs. Virginia.

Over to you, Mick!