Daily Archives: December 5, 2008


As I trust you all know by now this is a very serious question. After all, wasn’t it proven that the documents Dan Rather proffered as proof that President Low Normal was tossed out of the National Guard were faked? For that reason alone the new controversy regarding whether Barack Obama is an American Citizen or not (and if not therefore ineligible to be POTUS) simply must be taken seriously.

And we know why, don’t we now Randy?

But wait a parboiled minute (as Daffy Duck would say) what about the Supreme House Nigger himself? How do we know who he really is? Especially when he looks like a larger, corked, Cantor.

Of course it could be “a miscegenation case”, but I doubt it.

And I’m sure were they here, Harold and Fayard wouldn’t doubt it either.

For there’s nothing Magical about Clarence.

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