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There’s nothing quite like Mr. Sheri Annis in Concern Troll mode.:

(Unidentified Pravda reader):Throwing one’s shoe is not something we are familiar with in this country or society, Howie, but it is something Iraqis are very aware of and this act was done as a form of “freedom of speech.” The fact that it came from a journalist or “reporter” as you say, doesn’t take away from this guy being a professional correspondent as he is. Just because you don’t agree with his form of speech it is his custom and you cannot judge whether he is a journalist or not.
Howard Kurtz: Actually, I can. If an Iraqi citizen had done this, fine. But someone who claims to be a journalist? Imagine what the reaction would be if some disgruntled American reporter threw a pair of shoes at President Obama.
I might be more sympathetic had this guy simply tossed the shoes, as a way of making his symbolic statement. But those shoes were hurled pretty hard.



Was It?

Don’t worry, Mr. Sheri — the Secret Service will protect you. After all, you protect the POTUS all the time.

Provided they’re Republicans.

But seriousy now, is it hot in here or is it just NEIL PATRICK HARRIS ?