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Those of you clinging to the fantasy that the Rick Warren Inaugural invite still might be rescinded, FUGETABOUTIT!:

“LONG BEACH, Calif. – Under fire for opposing gay marriage, influential evangelical pastor Rick Warren said Saturday that he loves Muslims, people of other religions, Republicans and Democrats, and he also loves “gays and straights.”
The 54-year-old pastor and founder of Saddleback Church in Southern California told the crowd of 500 that it’s unrealistic to expect everyone to agree on everything all the time.
“You don’t have to see eye to eye to walk hand in hand,” said Warren.
Warren also defended President-elect Barack Obama’s invitation that he give the invocation at the Jan. 20 inauguration in the keynote speech he delivered at the Muslim Public Affairs Council’s annual convention in Long Beach.
Obama’s choice of Warren earlier this week sparked outcry from gay rights and other liberal groups, who said choosing such an outspoken opponent of gay marriage was tantamount to endorsing bigotry.”

No shit, Sherlock.

“Three years ago I took enormous heat for inviting Barack Obama to my church because some of his views don’t agree (with mine),” he said. “Now he’s invited me.”

That church belongs to you, Ricky. The White House doesn’t belong to Barry. It’s the property of “We the people.”

But of course for you LBGT’s aren’t people at all.

Warren said he prays for the same things for Obama that he prays for himself: integrity, humility and generosity.

That’s Zip For Three!

Obama defended his choice on Thursday, saying that he has also invited Joseph Lowery, a Methodist minister and civil rights leader who supports same-sex marriage and gay rights, to deliver the benediction.
“During the course of the entire inaugural festivities, there are going to be a wide range of viewpoints that are presented. And that’s how it should be, because that’s what America’s about. That’s part of the magic of this country … we are diverse and noisy and opinionated,” Obama said.

Really? Then why wasn’t David Duke invited?

Toward the end of his speech on Saturday, Warren also talked about singer Melissa Etheridge, who performed earlier in the evening. Warren said the two had a “wonderful conversation” and that he is a huge fan who has all her albums.
The openly lesbian gay rights activist even agreed to sign her Christmas album for him, he said.

Really? How sweet. Where’s my barf bag?

Warren gained a prominent role in the presidential election in August when he hosted the Civil Forum on the Presidency, a two-hour televised show in which he interviewed Obama and his Republican opponent John McCain for an hour each on faith and moral issues.
Warren has won kudos from some liberal quarters by focusing less on traditional conservative issues such as abortion and gay rights, and instead calling on evangelical leaders to devote more attention to eradicating poverty, fighting AIDS in Africa, expanding educational opportunity for the marginalized, and global warming.
But the preacher ignited the ire of many liberals when he publicly supported California’s Proposition 8, which amended the state Constitution to ban gay marriage.
Although Warren has said that he has nothing personally against gays, he has condemned same-sex marriage.

Gays and lesbians are specifically prohibited from becoming members of his church unless they “repent” their “sin” and submit themselves to his “Ex-Gay Ministry.”

“”I have many gay friends. I’ve eaten dinner in gay homes. “

I have some wonderfully recipes for them to whip up the next time you drop by Ricky.

“No church has probably done more for people with AIDS than Saddleback Church,” he said in a recent interview with BeliefNet.

The “more” being the “Ex-Gay Ministries.” That’s what he offers eople suffering with AIDS — a demand they become heterosexuals.

. But later in the interview, he compared the “redefinition of marriage” to include gay marriage to legitimizing incest, child abuse, and polygamy.

Why didn’t you leave “Devil Worship” out. Ricky?

Warren founded Saddleback Church in 1980 in Lake Forest, about 65 miles southeast of Los Angeles. He is the author of numerous Christian books, including “The Purpose Driven Church” and “The Purpose Driven Life,” which has sold more than 20 million copies.

Now about that book, according to Amazon.com reviewer Gail Hudson —

“The spiritual premise in The Purpose-Driven Life is that there are no accidents—God planned everything and everyone. Therefore, every human has a divine purpose, according to God’s master plan. Like a twist on John F. Kennedy’s famous inaugural address, this book could be summed up like this: “So my fellow Christians, ask not what God can do for your life plan, ask what your life can do for God’s plan.” Those who are looking for advice on finding one’s calling through career choice, creative expression, or any form of self-discovery should go elsewhere. This is not about self-exploration; it is about purposeful devotion to a Christian God. The book is set up to be a 40-day immersion plan, recognizing that the Bible favors the number 40 as a “spiritually significant time,” according to author Rick Warren, the founding pastor of Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California, touted as one of the nation largest congregations. Warren’s hope is that readers will “interact” with the 40 chapters, reading them one day at a time, with extensive underlining and writing in the margins. As an inspirational manifesto for creating a more worshipful, church-driven life, this book delivers. Every page is laden with references to scripture or dogma. But it does not do much to address the challenges of modern Christian living, with its competing material, professional, and financial distractions. Nonetheless, this is probably an excellent resource for devout Christians who crave a jumpstart back to worshipfulness.”

IOW complete fools whowish to be relieved of what brain tissue they have left.

And that in turn brings us to Rick Warren’s Most Important Pimp and a very Special Episode of her show that was run not that long ago.:

WINFREY: In an attempt to save her own life, hostage Ashley Smith read passages from the
best-selling book “The Purpose-Driven Life” to accused Atlanta spree killer Brian Nichols, and
ultimately he ended up surrendering peacefully to police. Two weeks later, Ashley got a call from
the author of the book, Rick Warren. What did he say to you?
Ms. SMITH: He told me he was proud of me and he asked me if I needed anything, and he
prayed with me.
WINFREY: He prayed with you? Ms. SMITH: He did.
WINFREY: Well, he’s here and he wants to meet you in person!
Ms. SMITH: No way. No way.
WINFREY: Please welcome the author of “The Purpose-Driven Life,” Rick Warren.
RICK WARREN: I’m proud of you Ashley.
WINFREY: Well, I know, having read “The Purpose-Driven Life,” it’s one of those books, it’s still
on the best-seller’s list after how many years?
Mr. WARREN: Three years.
WINFREY: Three years on the best-seller’s list. You teach that there is a purpose for every life,
and that there would be a reason even for Ashley to be involved in this story. It’s so captivating.
Mr. WARREN: You know, Oprah, there are a couple great lessons from Ashley’s life. One of them
is you don’t have to be perfect to be used by God.
Mr. WARREN: If God only used perfect people, nothing would get done because none of us are
WINFREY: Right. Ms. SMITH: Amen.
Mr. WARREN: So God uses us, in spite of our faults, our mistakes, and our weaknesses. I love
this story because she was just going out to get some cigarettes!
Ms. SMITH: I don’t smoke anymore!

But do you still take TINA?

Ms. SMITH: I was addicted to ice, which is methamphetamine.
WINFREY: Methamphetamine.
Ms. SMITH: Yes. I did ice every day, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
WINFREY: How could you if you were also working?
Ms. SMITH: At the time I was–I would get a job and not be able to keep it. I gave custody of my
daughter away.
WINFREY: Because of the addiction?
Ms. SMITH: Because it was more important.
WINFREY: So had you been taking crystal meth at the time that he, you know, broke into your
Ms. SMITH: I had did it the day before to help me move. There was always an excuse why you
do it, you know. I tried so hard to get off of it and I would stay off of it and then it would be like,
`Oh, it’s OK, you can do a little bit.’ But–so I would just do a little bit. And I had done it the day
before, but I had slept, and…
WINFREY: Because usually–isn’t that–that is a drug that allows you to stay up.
Ms. SMITH: It does.
WINFREY: And it also makes you crazy, does it not?
Ms. SMITH: Right. It makes me very–it made me very crazy. My family put me in a mental
WINFREY: Because of it.
Ms. SMITH: …because of it. And I got into…
WINFREY: Because it’s methamphetamine …which is like speed.
Ms. SMITH: He said, `OK, I think that’s just what I need.’ And I’m like–and I said, you know, `It’s
not what you need.’ I said, `I hope that you don’t do it–this stuff makes me crazy.’
WINFREY: You said that to him?
Ms. SMITH: Yes. He said, `Are you gonna do it with me?’ And, you know, anytime where it would
have been easy for me just to say, `Yeah, I’ll do it with you, why not? I might die anyway.’ That
moment I heard God say to me, `Ashley, you have got to do something good for your life right
now. I’m gonna give you one chance. You can do this with him, and I’m bringing you home.
Because you’re not gonna stop. Or you can say no and I’ll let you live to help people in the world.’
WINFREY: So this was a feeling that came over you…
Ms. SMITH: Yes. And I thought…
WINFREY: …that’s so strong that you feel like you heard it?
Ms. SMITH: I thought I would rather die in this apartment tonight not doing those drugs than doing
WINFREY: Really?
Ms. SMITH: Because there was a point in my life where I said, `I would rather do these drugs
than stop. I’d rather die doing these drugs than stop.’ And that night it was completely opposite.
WINFREY: Were you surprised at–were you as surprised at yourself for saying no as you were
as surprised at the fact that you told him you had the drugs?
Ms. SMITH: It was a total sigh of relief for me. It was kind of like, `Oh, wow, I can breathe now. I
said no to something that has ran my life.’ It’s run my life for years. That was a huge miracle for
me to not do it and…
WINFREY: Had he done it before? Did he even know what
Ms. SMITH: He said that he had never done it but he said he had heard about it before.
WINFREY: OK. So–and after he did crystal meth, Brian Nichols, the accused killer, you were
surprised that instead of getting more agitated or crazier, it actually calmed him down?
Ms. SMITH: It did calm him down.

No surprise tere.

And no surprise that an atention-craving addict like Smith would rather credit Crystal Meth credits . . .Ricky.

WINFREY: So you sat down and ate pancakes together?
Ms. SMITH: We did.
WINFREY: Now we’ve all heard that he either saw “The Purpose-Driven Life,” that book, or you
started reading to him. How did that come about?
Ms. SMITH: After he did the drugs, I thought, `You know, well, I didn’t choose to do the drugs, so
I might as well do something good for myself right now.’ So I asked him if I could read, and he
said, `Sure, what do you want to read?’ I went to my room and grabbed my book.
WINFREY: “The Purpose-Driven Life.”
Ms. SMITH: Yes
WINFREY: Where were you in it? Which day?
Ms. SMITH: Chapter 32, and I just began to read the whole front page to him.
WINFREY: Read to us…
Ms. SMITH: OK. (Reading) `Using what God gave you. Since we find ourselves fashioned into all
these excellently formed and marvelously functional parts in Christ’s body, let’s just go ahead and
be what we were made to be. What you are is God’s gift to you. What you do with yourself is your
gift to God. God deserves your best. He shaped you for a purpose and expects you to make the
most of what you’ve been given.’
WINFREY: OK. After you read this passage, he asked you to re-read it?
Ms. SMITH: He immediately stopped me right there and said, `Read it again.’

Yeh — read it again Sam! It’s that NEW TIME RELIGION as peddled by a multi-zillionaire whose alleged “Mission in Life” is to make her hapless television slaves become what she calls “Your Own Best Self.”

As approved by her and Ricky of course.

Sing us out Judy.