“Those People”


As usual Paul Krugman gets it right.

“Forty years ago the G.O.P. decided, in effect, to make itself the party of racial backlash. And everything that has happened in recent years, from the choice of Mr. Bush as the party’s champion, to the Bush administration’s pervasive incompetence, to the party’s shrinking base, is a consequence of that decision.”

He trusts we all remember . . .

“In 1981 Lee Atwater, the famed Republican political consultant, explained the evolution of the G.O.P.’s “Southern strategy,” which originally focused on opposition to the Voting Rights Act but eventually took a more coded form: “You’re getting so abstract now you’re talking about cutting taxes, and all these things you’re talking about are totally economic things and a byproduct of them is blacks get hurt worse than whites.” In other words, government is the problem because it takes your money and gives it to Those People.”

And now Those People — and their “liberal” allies, have elected One of Their Own, right? Well at least that’s what Republicans think, therefore we get The Return of the Repressed.

“Oh, and the racial element isn’t all that abstract, even now: Chip Saltsman, currently a candidate for the chairmanship of the Republican National Committee, sent committee members a CD including a song titled “Barack the Magic Negro” — and according to some reports, the controversy over his action has actually helped his chances.”

Presumably. But with the Republicans out of power in the House, Senate, White House and any number of local areas you can name, all that’s left for Chip at this point is to be Caribou Barbie’s “personal shopper.”

A full-time job, needless to say.

And what of the Magic Man? As my colleague Luke Y Thompson notes in his comment on a previous Fablog entry the Magic Negro is incomplete without a Boring White Guy to sacrifice himself for.

Barack Obama jumped that shark by definition — being his own Boring White Guy.

Sing us out Liza.

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