Daily Archives: January 13, 2009

From Mr. Sheri Annis’ Tuesday Morning Kaffeeklatsch:

“Follow-up on JTP: You said: “I was willing to allow the possibility that he might be an interesting citizen voice (just as many bloggers I read are, quote, ordinary people). ”
Howard, I love your column but I have to take issue with this comment. JTP was in the limelight during the campaign during the last month — what did he ever say that would lead someone to believe he had any particularly sharp insight into the “common man’s” thoughts? That a vote for Obama would be “the death of Israel”?
IMO JTP makes Jeff Gannon’s work for Talon News look objective.
Howard Kurtz: Was just trying to keep an open mind. Joe has said some incredibly dumb things.”

Oh we get the picture, dear.


Both of them.


Hey, wouldn’t they be great as a team?

Sing us out Catherine Z-J!