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Mr. Sheri Annis(see photo above) in today’s Pravda column wants to make it clear that he’s no pushover for President Obama and he strongly disapproves of anyone who has anything even remotely nice to say about him.

“It is well past time to ask the question: What has Barack Obama really accomplished as president, anyway?”

That’s right. After all it’s been 48 hours hasn’t it?

“I mean, the inaugural speech was nice, the big crowds behaved themselves, “

Shades of press coverage of MLK’s March on Washington. So nice to see well-behaved negroes, isn’t it?

“the first couple danced at 10 balls and Michelle’s dresses are getting pretty good reviews. But the economy is still in the deep freeze, we’ve still got troops in Iraq and global warming continues apace. How long are we supposed to wait for the change we’ve been waiting for?”

Ask Laura Bush for a Xanax, dear.

“Think I’m being a tad impatient?”

No, I think you’re psychotic. Like all Republicans.

“Well, the coverage has been so positive in the past week that you almost got the impression Obama would solve all of America’s problems while fixing the college football playoff system and discovering a cure for cancer. “

Hey Howie, that’s MY bit!

“Expectations are sky-high, which is why I believe Obama chose to deliver a sober, almost grim inauguaral address rather than an uplifiting peroration. Government is a hard, tough slog.”


” Passing legislation, getting programs to work, is often a process measured in inches. A president can inspire, can use the bully pulpit, but when banks aren’t making loans, people are losing their homes and the Detroit automakers are teetering on the brink, speeches aren’t enough.”

Really? That’s not what you clowns thought when Reagan was president.

“Obama dived into substance yesterday by issuing executive orders on ethics and the closing of Gitmo. These are low-hanging fruit, in that the president can act unilaterally, but important nonetheless.”

How wildly overgenerous you of!

“A lot of people, and not just conservatives, think the media have rolled over for Obama. I’ve certainly been critical of the coverage at times. But what’s past is prologue. If journalists don’t start holding the 44th president accountable–in the same way the left wanted us to hold George W. Bush accountable–we will have defaulted on our mission. It will be bad for the country, and bad for Obama. He didn’t run as a black candidate. He ran as a politician who happened to be black. And so our journalism must be color-blind as well.”

“So don’t you dare call us racists for dissing this nigger!”
After the usual parade of “Conservative” whiners, Howie ends with this corker:

“Offered without comment:
“At the end of Malia and Sasha’s scavenger late-night hunt, they opened a door to discover their favorite musical performers: Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas — the pop boy band sensation who first exploded on the Disney Channel and also appeared earlier this week at the Kids’ Inaugural Concert.”
Okay, I have one comment. Ack. “

And all I have to say is ACKK ACKK!!!