Monthly Archives: February 2009


Seen this dude before? Here’s a refresher course.

Yes, that’s right — he’s supposed to be the New Improved —


Can I get an “Oh Prunella!” ?

Yes he’s a Republican. And he’s clearly being groomed for Bigger Things. Of course how big they may be is rather questionable for a party on life supports. But he certainly cleans up better than Bobby Jindal, don’t you think?

Oh I just love the “A leg up, not a hand out” ? Why it’s a straight steal from the campaign ad in Bulworth

Before that fictional senator he discovered his Inner Magic Negro, of course

No, Aaron isn’t Warren. And he isn’t Doogie either. The question everyone’s really asking is — Is he Neil?

Well he doesn’t have a David — as far as anyone knows. Let’s hope he’s not a more Traditonal Republican on that score


Because if that’s the case — sing us out, gang!