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Well there it is. Created by editorial cartoonist Sean Delanos for the New York Post its meaning would appear to be obvious. For many I’m sure it brings back memories of Amidou Diallo


and Abner Louima

Except of course to white racists and their “Mainstream” media enablers. Pravda thinks it has to ask its readers whether the Delanos cartoon is offensive — and promises to write about it more later.

Yeah, right.

Across the pond The Guardian rhetoriocally inquires –

“What do you think? Is the cartoon a racist shot at Obama? A crack at congressional Democrats? Is Sharpton over the line? Is it funny? Does it make any sense at all?”

Well of course it does. And of course the fact that Al Sharpton stepped up to the plate first to state the obvious gives the racist-enabling press cover. After all isn’t Sharpton’s specialty “exploiting” such situations? Or as innumerable whites have pretended to seriously ask “Aren’t we being oversensitive ?”

Meanwhile this CNN report, uncharacteristically, gets right to the heart if it.

I trust we all remember the stuffed toy monkeys brandished by McCain supporters during the campaign. As the CNN clip notes the notion that blacks are a simian form is clearly central to the hysteria over Darwi ceaselessly demonstrated by the Fundie right — even going to far as to denounce the long-dead scientist on the floor of congress last week.

It’s racism, folks — pure and simple.

Of course we all enjoy regarding monkeys in a more “innocent” way.

And leave us not forget the signal film credit of the president that Republicans and their “Mainstream” water-carriers are so inistent on measuring Obama against

But the bottom line is a lot simpler — and starker

“Every year, the Secret Service investigates over 1,500 reported or discovered threats against the President. While most people who threaten the President are just venting, even joking, all reported threats are taken very seriously and those who make them are in for, at least, a tough time.”

I wonder just how tough it’s going to be for Sean Delanos. Something tells me not very.

As for where this may all lead — cue the Sondheim.