Daily Archives: March 6, 2009


Isn’t it amazing the way everyone’s still talking about Jon Stewart’s take-down of

Well, not really. It was quite a performance, raising the bar not only for political satire, but political reporting ( as Will Bunch notes HERE. )

But what’s really amusing about the affair is the reponse to it reported by Bess Levin of Dealbreaker

So, we were wondering when and how CNBC was going to respond to Jon Stewart’s now-nightly hits on the network and here it is. An on-air CNBC employee tells Dealbreaker that the reason Rickles canceled on Stewie is that the latter is thought (probably 100% mistakenly) to be “bizarrely obsessed” with the former, as supposedly evidenced by JS calling RS “repeatedly” to come on the show.* And the chatter going around Englewood Cliffs is that Stewart– and we deserve a prize for getting through this without pissing our pants in laughter, crying our eyes out in tears of sadness for those who actually believe this– “is smitten with Santelli’s Grecian good looks and is secretly in love with him…hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

What exactly do we have here? A “mancrush”? Or a “crush” tout court of a more. . .specific sort ?” Are we to believe that Jon is stalking Rick the way Jessica Walters stalked Clint?

Can I get an “Oh Prunella!” ?

Take it away Gregoire!