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The ever-estimable Glenn Greenwald puts it thusly:

“What would it say about a person who spent the last seven years vehemently criticizing those policies to suddenly decide that the same policies were perfectly fine or not particularly bothersome when Obama adopts them? How could that be justified? What should one say about a person who vehemently objected to X when Bush did it, but then suddenly found ways to defend or mitigate X when Obama does it? Just re-read that first paragraph from the NYT article today. What should a rational person say in response to what it describes?”

Well, one could start with simple straightforward “FUCK YOU!!!!!” Needless to say Glenn can’t quite bring himself to do that. But then neither can Tim Miller, though in his (utterly fabulous) new show Lay of the Land he gets awfully close.


No, this isn’t how Tim looked last night at Hi-Ways where the piece premiered. But I’ve always liked this picture — and for more than the obvious reasons. It shows off the arc of Tim’s body. He leans across the stage. And leans towards his public, pleasing his fans and confounding his enemies. What’s most disarming about Lay of the Land is it’s bouncy energy. He wants to inform us about important matters both national and personal. But he doesn’t want to scold or scare. In fact what Tim really wants — as is obvious from the show’s title — is to get us laid. And metaphorically at least he succeeds.

As always Tim has a lot to say. This time out it’s all about his (and our) fight for freedom, coupled with his ambivalence about a country that promuises so much and delivers so little. His recollection early 90’s protests of Governor Pete Wilson’s veto of gay rights legislation is meshed perfectly with his take on last Fall’s portests against Prop 8 ( or “Prop Hate” as Tim so rightfully calls it.) But there’s so much joyness and bubbly humor in his righteous anger. Those of us familair with Tim’s history will find his take on the courts — and jury dury — particularly amusing. But he wouldn’t be a gay acitvist if he weren’t amusing.

This is something that PWAGA’s (People Who Aren’t Gay Activists) will never understand. Protesting is fun. (The best thing about Gus Van Sant’s Milk is that he makes the fun of activism palpable)

That’s why, as much as I love him, I do wish Glenn Greenwald were more of an activist. But I expect that skipped his generation — coming to gay adulthood amidst the dire shadows of AIDS and Reagan. Consequently for all Glenn’s eloquence Jacob Weisberg of the neo-fascist Slate cuts to the chase ((albeit inadvertently) a lot faster :

“he [Obama] endorses gay equality but not in marriage or the military”

–which of course means that he doesn’t endorse gay equality at all. In fact I fully expected a Carrie Prejeanesque “No offense” to spring from the lips of his press secretary at that now-infamous Q&A.

(Something tells me Tommy Christopher has a ton of Sondheim CDs at home.)

Of course Barry hasn’t reached THIS LOW

But then who has?

Oh I keep forgetting. One can always go lower.


Even the congenitally clueless Joan Walsh knows that score.

“I’m a grown woman and the mother of a college student, I think I’m pretty worldly, but I was honestly not familiar with the term or the condition of anal poisoning, so I used the Google. Scanning 24 pages, I found no reference to anal poisoning that didn’t reference Limbaugh. Apparently it’s a condition he named himself, perhaps after one of his sex tours to the Caribbean?”

Can I get a “Well, DUH!” ?

But while the morbidly obese, drug-addicted closet queen has been hailed as the leader of the Republican party — by none other than it’s Own Private Torquemada


that doesn’t alter the fact that there’s a ton of work to be done not only in dealing with the damage of the Bush years but staunching the growing tide of ruin coming from Obama.

Tim greatly helps on this score, offering his wit, insight and a ingratiatingly supple mode of address which superficially resembles what used to be called “free association” but is actually as tight as a drum. The beginning of Lay of the Land finds him stumbling in the dark through the audinece speakin g of things he’s “forgotten” and/or “lost.” But he hasn’t really lost or forgotten anything. And that’s most delightfully demonstraed in a passge where the young Tim, thunderstruck by the insult “put it where the sun don’t shine” elects to find out if that’s indeed the case. And so, throwing his legs up ver his head — as he reminds us he would do many more times afterwards — Little Tim leans that the sun does indeed shine up his ass.

Yes the sun shines everywhere. Even in darkest Russia — a bastion of homophobia that the plucky Yury has thankfully put behind him. But You Can’t Keep a Fabulous Sensibility Down, as even the most pathologically homophobic Russians have discovered this week as their coutnry hosts the Incredibly Fabulous Eurovision Song Contest.

So take it away Bosnia-Herzgovina!