Everybody Pays Attention

“I got this really great gun —
Shit, where is it?
No, it’s really great —
Shit, where is it?
It’s just a .38 —
But —
it’s a gun
You can make a statement
With a gun —
Even if you fail.
It tells ‘em who yu are.
Where you stand
This one was on sale
It — no, not the shoe —
Well actually the shoe was, too
Not, that’s not it
Shit, I had it here —
Got it!”

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Truly fascinating to listen to Sara Jane Moore today. And not only in relation to her past, about which the facts are not in dispute:

Even when set to music —

But that’s Sondheim. What Matt Lauer is looking for (and only partially gets) is something quite specific — a ritual apology contrived from a series of boilerplate lines Moore’s culturally required to recite. She has no trouble going through these rhetorical motions. a fortiori she’s shockingly eloquent about her acts, the context from which they came, and much of what she’s come to know as a result of her over three decades of state incarceration. Moreover she appears quite accepting of the limits probation has placed upon her.

I hope she writes a book about all this.

Needless to say there’s a structuring absence to the Sara Jane Moore story.

Cut the sob-sisterism, bitch. You LOVE the closet. Makes you so fucking self-righteous to squack about Sipple, and the mythical “right to privacy” — which as the California State Supreme Court ruling on Prop 8 proves does more damage than any “good” its propagandists claim. Harvey was perfectly justified in telling to the papers that Sipple was gay. He was a friend of his. That Sipple was unable to deal simply goes to show how the closet devours people.

And why it must be utterly destroyed.

Sing us out Neil

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