Daily Archives: July 10, 2009

Well now we’re told it was all just a “safety issue”

“HUNTINGDON VALLEY, Pa. – The head of a suburban Philadelphia swim club says safety, not racism, was the reason for the cancellation of the memberships of dozens of minority children.
John Duesler spoke to reporters Friday afternoon at the entrance to The Valley Club in Huntingdon Valley.
Duesler says there were too many children for the size of the pool and the available number of lifeguards. He says that it was “an unsafe situation” and that officials deeply regret the situation.
Creative Steps day camp had arranged for 65 mostly black and Hispanic children to swim each week. Director Alethea (ah-LEE’-thee-ah) Wright says children reported hearing racial comments shortly after they arrived.
She says the camp’s money was refunded a few days later. The state is investigating the club’s actions.”

My, my, my. We’ve come a long way from Footlight Parade where impressario James Cagney, inspired by the sight of black street kids playing in the spray of fire hydrant created THIS!

We yes there were no black street kids in it. But that’s the way the movies were made back then. Isn’t that right Esther?

See? Her swimming pool is safe as milk.

White as milk too.

Of course when it comes to pools, there are no racial guarantees. Consider these soignee ofays.

Then again one can forego pools entirely.

Take it away Gower!

Don’t worry. Jane and Kaye will get the place integrated eventually. Rush out and get me some black street kids, won’t you dear?